How to Root YU Yuphoria without voiding warranty and OTA ability [Bootloader kept locked!]

Usually with bootloader unlockable devices, you have to unlock bootloader first to be able to root the device. But it seems there is a hack available for YU Yuphoria that lets you root without unlocking the bootloader first, thus saving your warranty from getting void. That’s a double treat — root ka root, warranty bhi saved!

Ha, that was first time I used Hindi in blog writing, but anyway, the method to to achieve YU Yuphoria root without breaking warranty is dead easy too. Luckily, and thanks to someshthakur, you have a toolkit to help with this. That means you do no dirty work of issuing commands to reboot the phone in fastboot mode or flash anything, all of which is handled by automated script of toolkit.

Yes, that also means that you can still take OTA updates as and when they shower on you — although, of course, you will lose root access upon taking OTA.

How to Root YU Yuphoria


Supported devices

  • YU Yuphoria
  • Don’t try on any other Android device

Installation Instructions

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Backup necessary stuff. In case your device is wiped off while following the guide below, it’s good to have a backup of contacts, photos, videos and other files already saved on PC.

  1. Make sure you have ADB and fastboot drivers installed.
  2. Also make sure you have USB debugging enabled on your Yuphoria. For this:
    1. Go to Settings > About phone, and then tap ‘Build number’ 7 times.
    2. Go back to Settings, then choose now visible ‘Developer options’.
    3. Find the ‘USB debugging’ option and use its toggle button to enable it. Accept warning by tapping on OK button.
  3. Connect your phone to PC now. You will get a pop-up as shown below on your phone when you connect for the first time after enabling USB debugging.
  4. Tap on OK button on the above pop-up to accept warning.
  5. Reboot your Yuphoria to Fastboot Mode. For this, simply open a command window on PC, and then type run the following command:
    adb reboot bootloader
  6. You should see a black screen with Fastboot written. Connect your device to PC now.
  7. Download the toolkit from above and extract it on PC using a software like 7-zip.
  8. You’ll get two folders, ignore META-INF folder, and go into ‘Root without UBL’ folder.
  9. Run the root.bat by double clicking on it.Yuphoria-root-easy
  10. Follow the little instructions on PC’s screen, and in no time, you will have root access on your device. While bootloader is still untouched, and warranty application.

That’s it. Need any help? Let us know via comments below.

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  • niv

    I clicked press any key to continue
    It displays
    ECHO off
    Daemon not running.Now running in port xxxx
    Daemon started successfully
    Then it sticks nothing happening

    • Is your device connected to PC?

      • niv


      • niv


      • niv


        • Okay, added few steps to the guide above. Steps 5 and 6 are new. Try again now. The script should be booting your device to fastboot/bootloader mode automatically but it seems it is not. SO, manually boot to fastboot mode, and then run the script.
          Let me know.

          • niv

            Not working can u pls put some photos of the working root

          • Were you able to reboot into fastboot/bootloader mode. That is a must! If yes, then script would have run and it should be rooted.

          • niv

            Yes I was able to enter.but same thing

          • niv

            Can u put a full working video till the end.

          • niv

            Is it a problem of drivers??

          • Yes, make sure you installed both Yuphoria and adb drivers. And have the USB debugging enabled form developer options.

          • niv

            Link pls can u give

  • niv


  • Drl

    Could you put a full vedio for this root process.Im nt able to understand a few things. It would really help
    Thank you

  • Prabhakar Kevat

    Not working? stuck on
    *daemon started successfully*

    • That means ADB isn’t working on your device? Try the ADB devices command in command window, after connecting the phone to PC. What do you get?

      • Prabhakar Kevat

        After failing from this method I tried a different which wasn’t working before…
        I had rooted my phone with that before…
        And surprisingly my phone is rooted again!!… I think adb driver was all it needed.

        • Prabhakar Kevat

          And thanks for the Link for adb and fastboot drivers ?

  • yash

    how many battery is required for this process

    • Krishna

      Although the process could take only 5-6% of battery, but it’s good to have minimum 30%, just in case.


    by doing this will i get my internal storage wiped?

  • Rakshith

    After ota update how to get root access again?

  • when open supersu no binary installed

  • only pie supported error pls solve

  • i’ve installed CM12.1 still can i do this procedure for rooting??

  • Nadeem

    The same above thing is happening with me..
    It Shows daemon not running then says daemon started successfully
    and I had installed ADB drivers from SDK Tools… as my PC was unable to install drivers automatically
    please help me what should i do

    • Nadeem

      i hav Yu Yuphoria 5010A

      • Nadeem

        and on doing step 5 it shows “ADB server is out of date. killing….. ”
        *deamon stars successfully*
        error : device not found

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