How to Report Spam on WhatsApp

With 800 million users messaging everyday on WhatsApp worldwide, it makes it one of the most attractive platform for spammers to shoot their unwelcoming offers, treats and cheats. All that the spammers need is a huge database of phone numbers, which is pretty easy to get nowadays thanks to all the apps on your phone which ask for your phone details for no useful reason.

WhatsApp does have policies in place to keep check on Spam, like, a user can’t message more than 50 people in one go. That surely restricts the freedom spammers would otherwise have enjoyed, but it doesn’t stops the spam. To help that, WhatsApp team has now rolled out Report Spam feature to avoid/block messages from unknown WhatsApp users.


  1. Update your WhatsApp app to the latest version from Play Store.
  2. Open the spam message you received on WhatsApp and press the “REPORT SPAM AND BLOCK” button to report it.

That it.