How to reply to a message in Microsoft Teams

Until recently, Teams didn’t have the option to reply to individual texts. But after receiving enough requests, Microsoft has added this highly-anticipated feature. Today, we’ll teach you to reply to individual texts on Microsoft Teams and tell you all you need to know about the feature.

How to reply to an individual text on a phone

To reply to a text, simply swipe right on the text and type your reply. If swiping doesn’t do the trick, press and hold a text, and tap on ‘Reply’ to reply to an individual text.

What happens if the original message gets deleted

Removing the original message — the one you replied to — doesn’t automatically delete the reply. The reply remains visible, and a portion of the original message is still shown as a preview over the reply. The only difference is that you won’t be able to jump to the original message by tapping on the reply.

Can you edit a reply?

Yes, you can. To edit a reply after you’ve sent it, all you have to do is press and hold a reply until a menu pops up, and press ‘Edit.’ After you’ve sent in the edited message, a little pencil icon will be shown at the top-left corner of the reply.

Is Reply available on PC?

Sadly, the ability to reply isn’t yet available on the PC version of Microsoft Teams — both Windows and Mac. So, to use it, you’ll need to have access to either — Android or iOS — of the mobile clients.

Microsoft says they are working on it and the feature is in the ‘backlog’ for desktop. We guess it could take them a few weeks or so to make the Reply feature available on the computer.

Microsoft Teams is getting better

Microsoft Teams is the firm’s premium collaboration platform, aimed at working professionals, who require to interact with more 50 people — Skype’s limit — on a daily basis. Microsoft doesn’t charge you separately to use Microsoft Teams but requires you or organization to have Office 365 subscription.

Just like its competitors, Teams, too, offers a host of productivity features. From meeting scheduling to virtual backgrounds — Microsoft Teams has plenty of admirable features, and it keeps on adding something new every couple of weeks.

With the addition of virtual backgrounds and other useful features like ‘Raise hand‘ and Reply, Teams software is catching up with Zoom at a rapid pace. You can also mute all participants and see everyone on Teams.

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