How to Restore / Recover deleted files on Android

Accidentally deleted an important file or photo on your Android phone?

Well, bad news is there’s no recycle bin on Android phones like your PCs which you could use to easily recover a deleted from the storage. However, if you’ve root access on your Android phone, then you’ve good chances of recovering that important file, all thanks to DiskDigger app by Defiant Technologies.

The DiskDigger software is a known name among Windows PC users to restore / recover deleted files from disk drives on Windows PCs. However, the DiskDigger Android app isn’t as powerful as its Windows version, it’s still in beta stage and is yet to evolve to be the perfect app to recover files on your Android phone.

Supported recoverable file formats

As DiskDigger for Android is still developing, the app can recover only the three file formats mentioned on your Android phone:

  •  .JPG
  • .PNG
  • .MP4

Root access is required!

To be able to recover deleted files, DiskDigger will require root access on your Android phone since Android requires system-level access to the phone’s storage to be able to read and recover deleted files.

So you must first root your Android phone to be able to use DiskDigger to recover deleted files on your phone.

How to Recover files on Android using DiskDigger

  1. Download and install the app from here → Play store link
  2. Open the app and give it root permission/access
  3. Select the partition from where you want to recover files:
    • From internal storage: If you want to recover files from device’s internal storage, select something that appears as /data
    • From external SD card: If you want to recover files from device’s external SD card, select something that appears as /mnt/sdcard OR /storage/extSdCard
  4. Once you’ve selected the storage you want to scan, tap the “Scan device” button
  5. Scanning of deleted files may take time. When it’s done you can select the files you want to recover and have them saved back to your phone’s storage OR upload to a FTP server OR email them.

For a detailed guide on how to use the DiskDigger app to recover deleted files on Android, check out this page →

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  • roberthenderson

    Instant paid purchase. I was sick and I accidentally erased the only good family Easter picture that we took. I tried the free version and it’s actually found it! Day saved and I gladly paid for the full version out of Thanks.

  • Peter Neslon

    1. Stop write anything to your Android device,otherwise you will
    re-write the files and permanently loose your important
    2. Use some data recovery software like this Android
    File Manager. My friends recommend it to me, it works pretty well. And then scan
    your Android device with the program, set a destination folder (folder where recovered files
    will be saved) somewhere on your computer. When the scan was finished, it will
    return a file list on your device, you can choose the files you want to
    Hope this

  • Banzee Simmons

    This looks like a nice handy tool but the only confusion I have is where will it store files after recovering? One the same memory card?? as there are cases that might be corrupt and recovering them will give you no benefit.
    Till now I have been using which has helped in recovering my accidentally deleted images from phone. I was required to connect my memory card to my computer and do the process.