How to organize saved Instagram posts in Collections

After Snapchat, Facebook-owned Instagram now targets another social network, Pinterest. Similar to the Pinterest, you can now organize the saved posts in different folders known by the name “collections”. Well, Pinterest calls them “Boards”, in case you wanted to know. However, unlike Pinterest, the collections on Instagram are private – only you are able to see them.

Instagram introduced the “Save/Bookmark” feature a while ago and to further enhance its functionality they have added “collections”. If you save a lot of different kinds of posts on Instagram, this might come handy.

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Here’s how to use Instagram Collections

To add a post to the collection, long touch the “save” icon below the photo. Since it is a new feature, you will be asked to create a “Collection”. Name it as you want and the photo will be automatically added to the collection.


Later, when you create new folders or collections, you will be asked to select the folder where you want to save the post. Tap the folder in which you want to save the post.

To view your collections, go to the “saved” posts icon located in your profile below your bio. You will now see a separate tab for “collections” in the “saved” posts. Tap “collections” to view your collections. The “All” tab lists all your saved posts.

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Moreover, you can create a collection from here as well, just tap the + icon in the “saved” posts located in the top right corner to create and add new posts to the collection.

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  • Jill Algera

    I think it would be nice if you guys did more tutorials on apps too!

  • Ashwin Prasad

    Honestly, this genuinely helps. I am big on saving posts on Instagram and since organizing was hard, I have been managing to download them for better organizing. This is a huge plus working in my favor. Thank you

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