How to Install XWJVB Android 2.3.3 ROM on Galaxy S

Odin Screenshot XWJVB

UPDATE 2: A new Android 2.3.3 Firmware (XWJVH) for Galaxy S i9000 has leaked. And we’ve posted installation instructions for it too. Enjoy! [link below]

How To Install XWJVH on your Galaxy S i9000

UPDATE: We will keep updating this page for other XWJVB stuff — ROMs, Mods, Hacks, Root, etc — as and when they get posted. So, keep watching this space, exciting stuff coming soon.

  • How to Root XWJVB using Chainfire’s method.
  • More links to be added later, when available………

Well, there is new Android 2.3.3 ROM — XWJVB — for Galaxy S on the block and we’ve already got it booting on our Galaxy S. If you want it too, here what you can do to get it.

But, warnings first, as always:

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We wont be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components. [info]This guide is applicable only for Samsung Galaxy S international version (i9000). If yours is Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic 4G or any other Galaxy S variant, then this ROM — and Guide — is not for you, and that’s for definite.[/info]

You may already know that this ROM is available in two versions: one with_bootloaders and the other without_bootloaders. Flashing with_bootloaders version is considered riskier than without_bootloaders. But you have to flash with_bootloaders because this is required by Android 2.3, unless you’ve already done that while installing earlier leaked ROMs — XWJV1 or XXJVK. If you haven’t installed JV1 or JVK with bootloaders, you have to install XWJVB with_bootloaders.

We’ve tried this ROM with_bootloaders version and would recommend the same to you. If you’re confused, simply download and install the with_bootloaders version.

XWJVB Installation Video

[youtube video_id=”WuTTctDWW2g” width=”630″ height=”400″ /]

Follow these step-by-step guide to Install XWJVB Android 2.3.3 ROM on your Galaxy S:

  1. Download XWJVB with_bootloaders version. File name — GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3_Sbl.exe. Download Link. Size: 155.64 MB.  [If you already have Android 2.3 bootloaders, download XWJVB without_bootloaders version. File name — GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3.exe. Download Link. Size: 155.41 MB. Apply the procedures below accordingly.]
  2. Double click ‘GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3_Sbl.exe’ and select Extract to let the file extract its contents in the folder “GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3_Sbl” — you’ll get 3 files in this folder:
    1. CSC_NEE_JV3.tar.md5,
    2. PDA_XWJVB_Sbl.tar.md5 and
    3. PHONE_XXJVK.tar.md5.
  3. Download Odin3 from here — Mediafire Link. Extract the zip file to get Odin3 v1.7.exe.
  4. Disconnect your phone if it’s connected to PC.
  5. Switch Off your phone. Wait for vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  6. Now, put it in Download Mode — press and hold these keys together: Volume_DOWN+Home+Power.
  7. Open Odin (from step 3). Connect your phone to PC now. You should get the message “Added! !” under the Odin’s message box.
  8. Important, uncheck the ‘Re-Partition’ button. While, keep ‘Auto Reboot’ & ‘F. Reset Time’ boxes checked.
  9. In Odin, place these files (check out the screenshot given at the top for help):
    1. In the PDA box, select this file (from step 2.2) — PDA_XWJVB_Sbl.tar.md5
    2. In the Phone box, select this file (from step 2.3) — PHONE_XXJVK.tar.md5
    3. In the CSC box, select this file (from step 2.1) — CSC_NEE_JV3.tar.md5
    4. Leave the PIT box empty.
  10. Double check everything said in step 7, 8 and 9 above.
  11. Now, hit the START button to let the process begin.
  12. When process at Odin finishes your phone will automatically reboot. You can unplug the cable now.
  13. When your phone has restarted, you are on the XWJVB running Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). Congrats!
  14. Check your phone’s version by here: Press Options -> Settings -> Scroll down and select About Phone -> Scroll down and check your version.

Benchmarks, for what it’s worth.

Linkpack-Score1_thumb Quadrant-Score1_thumb Smartbench-2010-Score1_thumb

XWJVB ROM Highlights

[youtube video_id=”5i9HrJ_zlNE” width=”620″ height=”380″ /] [valid] Want to get root access on XWJVB? Well, just wait a little bit till we come up with a guide (using chainfire’s root method) for that too. [/valid] [info]If you experience any problem in installing the ROM with the steps given above, try flashing the ROM again, but with 512 PIT file this time. Download the Pit file from here. Extract the downloaded file to get the Pit File. Then, select the Pit file in Odin’s Pit box this time (step 9.4 above) and keep the ‘Re-Partition’ box (in step 8 above) checked too. All other things same as in steps given above.[/info]

Let us know in comments below how XWJVB Android 2.3.3 ROM works on your Galaxy S (i9000).

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  • shujah

    this guide is good. thank u

  • Paulo Costa

    Would like to know if this ROM has the portuguese language. Thank you!


      A rom tem língua portuguesa, mas não tem português no dicionário t9, vais ter de tirar um do market.

      • Paulo Costa

        Obrigado. A instalação do XWJB correu bem? É que tentei fazer no meu mas faz reboot repetidamente sem pedir o PIN. Tive de voltar para o XXJVK…

        • CHERENCO

          A mim não deu problema, pede o pin normalmente e eu também venho da XXJVK, o meu galaxy está desbloqueado não sei se existe alguma relação, mas podes sempre perguntar no forum tuga “android PT”, já existe um tópico para esta rom.

          • Paulo Costa

            O meu também está desbloqueado. Vou procurar a ajuda no forum AndroidPT. Existe alguma diferença entre XXJVK e XWJVB?
            Obrigado pela ajuda.

        • CHERENCO

          A única diferença que notei foi ter perdido o t9 português (obviamente a mais grave), e repararam um bug que quando se ouvia musica com o ecrã desligado as teclas de volume não funcionavam… agora já funcionam.

  • Thank you for the guide .. Just flashed my SGS from XXJVK to XXJVB without bootloaders. After rebooting I can see some of my applications are there still. I didn’t wiped my phone .. but those application gave me force close error.. so I uninstalled and reinstalled those apps and everything is working fine .. I felt XXJVB is faster and smoother than XXJVK .. Need to check the battery ..

    • ghost.bhoot2k

      How much free ram do you have????

      • @ghost.bhoot2k – Available RAM is less compared to 2.2.1 and XXJVK(2.3.3) .. It is showing in between 212 to 260. But the phone is fast compared to the previous versions 🙂

        • CHERENCO

          How ca you have between 212 and 260??? I have between 100 and 150.. and i use task kiler and fast reebot.

        • ghost

          dont lie dear,it cant be more than 115 mb…….i think either u r a fool or u think that others r fool……

          • Sorry 🙁 .. that was a mistake .. I checked it again .. it is showing 129MB of free RAM 🙂


    I,this ROM have voodoo sound?

  • David

    What country version is this firmware?
    I’m from Australia.

    • ghost.bhoot2k

      Finland………but in Sweden its out too….

    • It’s for Europe. I think Germany and some other countries are getting this. Samsung should be launching this update via Kies in Australia soon.

  • efte

    is this upgrade will run on galaxy s i9003?

    • Dear, I don’t know. I can’t recommend this to you.

    • ghost.bhoot2k

      Forget dear….this rom isnt meant for Duplicate galaxy SL,its only for the Original one galaxy S

  • baha

    Is this a deodexed rom?

    • ghost.bhoot2k

      No….this is not and forget deodexing gingerbread…


    Does the back light of the buton menus still always on???

  • this is superb…hats off to u guys and chanfire….brilliant job..

    • Yup, Chainfire is just Awesome 🙂

      • ghost.bhoot2k

        Of course chainfire is fine but but but its the hacked one……let the stable be out

    • ghost.bhoot2k

      I think one should still stick to 2.2.1 xwjs8 deodex rom with gingermix theme and voodoo or speedmod lagfix…….
      benchmark-1600 plus
      awsome speed,no lagfix at all
      free ram – >240
      battery back up is like heaven…>24hrs with heavy 3g and wifi usage with transparent theme
      maildroid works fine
      and so on…….

      • That’s cool custom ROM and thnx for sharing it with us… You used doc’s kitchen to make this one, right? I’ll try and if I find it cool, would review it. 🙂

        • ghost

          dont configure it through roms kitchen….use the cygwin application to confiogure…..

  • My samsung galaxy s is stuck on the startup screen (the one with the letter S shining) Any suggestions?

    • Make sure you followed the steps correctly…. doubled check everything.

    • John

      same with me 🙁

  • works now. Restarted Odin

  • Kiran

    Amazing guide!! Thanks a lot. Works fine. Phone is super smooth 🙂

    Facing problem only with few installed games like Asphalt 5,CutTheRope etc, unable to start the game.
    Otherwise other apps are working fine.

    • ghost

      wipe cache and dalvik cache then reinstall ur games….everything will be fine

  • tojjer

    Anyone else find that they are getting more FORCE CLOSE messages than with JVK??
    I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the apps that are being affected but still the same force close issues.

    • ghost

      do a factory reset after installing xwjvb and DONT put the backed up applications……of course ur data will be lost

      • tojjer

        Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

  • ghost

    demerits of xwjvb——
    1. email apk goes back to 2.1 eclair
    2. no new market is placed.instead market updater is placed
    3. wifi is again 2.1 eclair based
    4. cant configure an stable yahoomail
    5. less free ram—-hangs like anything while multiple app are opened
    6. more force closes
    7. cant deodex…soooooo sad
    8. no stable kernel yet
    9. cant apply lagfix—benchmark-around 900 only
    and so on……..let a good stable version be out.

  • ghost.bhoot2k

    Hey guys listen listen…this rom is not the original gingerbread update but the COOKED one released by samfirmware as
    1. I have checked through hacked kies,there is no such release of 2.3.3. The latest in Europe is still 2.2.1 xxjpy in some countries and xwjs8 in others.
    2. The original gingerbread is based on ext4 whereas this fake release of samfirmware is still rfs.
    3. Read my previous post-it has used 2.1 eclair for few apks which itself proves that its a fake rom.
    4. Modem used is still JVK……i think you people are wise enough to decide the part of jvk…???
    So please dont be in a hurry to wipe all your datas and install 2.3.3 xwjvb.Let the kies release be oht either in your country or uploaded on samfirmware.

  • Ammad

    Hi Kapil,

    I’ve one question. As per your instruction there is no need to tick re partition option in Odin. However as per samfirmware guide, always use Pit & re partition option while flashing rom with three files.

    I am totally confused on this part. I am using Froyo 2.2 updated through Kies only. Never install any other rom. What should i do.


    • ghost.bhoot2k

      I wil giv you the key of your doubt becoz i am THE BHOOT having all the keys.just remember one thing…….
      Pit file is used for partitioning your device for the FIRST TIME meaningby if you are flashing your device with 2.2.1xwjs3 for the first time just tick repartition.but when you upgrade with same version 2.2.1 xwjs8 then you are not supposed to tick repartition as your device has already been repartitioned with 2.2.1 version.
      Likewise if you are installing 2.3.3 xwjsb for the first time just tick repartition but if you are upgrading from 2.3.3 xxjvk to xwjvb then no need to tick it…..

      • Hey, you’re cool. Thnx for sharing stuff here. BTW, where you from? India, I suppose, but where in India?

        • ghost

          yup of course,m from delhi……may i know from where u r???its very nice to have some frnds who knows how to fix samsung galaxy s problems…..

  • Ammad

    Mr Bhoot. Thanks for your help. But are you sure that this is not the official ROM..Should we try this or wait to get it through Kies only.

    I am really bored of this 2.2 :(==

    • Sry for interrupting the conversation between you and Mr. cool-bhoot, but I think if you’re really bored of Android 2.2, XWJVB is worth it — go for the with_bootloaders version, since I think this will be your first partition. You can do with or without PIT files, both options worked pretty well on my SGS. BTW, why don’t you try some custom ROMs, hmm?

    • ghost

      100 % sure…if you want to double check it just patch your kies with 2. registry and go for product code xee and will show you the latest update in european countries…..after double checking please do reply…

  • deastr

    Quick question: my phones 3-button combo fix wasn’t worked so I installed a 3-combo fix. Will the with_bootloader version mess with my fix or will it stay intact?

    • No idea — 🙁

    • The “with_bootloader” will not remove your 3-button combo fix. I did the same thing and then flashed the “with_bootloader” to correct the graphical error I got after the fix. I still have the 3-button combo in my beloved SGS.

    • ghost

      wait a second dear….dont be confused…i will explain everything to u becoz i am THE BHOOT
      bootloaders are internal programmes which are locked and unlocked by factory.fortunately our galaxy s european version is not locked one however newer mobiles and tabs are coming with locked when you are flashing any rom you are free to flash with or without bootloaders.however some fake (2.3.3 xxjvk and xwjvb beta version) roms with bootloaders are programmed in such a way that it gets locked..(unusable)….so better not to put bootloaders with FAKE ROMS.

  • Modrzej

    Samsung’s update to the Galaxy S Gingerbread – withheld by Google.

    JVB/JVK FAIL !!!

    • Not complete Fail, many users — including me — are enjoying the JVB — it’s cool!

      • Modrzej

        Fail because:

        1. Battery drain (lot of people complain),
        2. Someone can use your account to buy sth @ Market
        3. Low scores in benchmarks
        4. Google withheld samsung updates.

        Great because:

        1. If you like(chose) you can use 2.3.3 on GS
        2. They share source and guys from XDA started making “kitchen”
        3. Your own reason.

        But anyway you guys are doing great job. Thanks to your posts i started updating my GS via Odin, Great job again. Thx

        Sorry for my english…

        • ghost

          i do agree

  • gaarared

    Hi, wanna ask,
    normally 1st boot after flash this ROM will take how long?

    • Shouldn’t take more than 10 mins!

  • gaarared

    ok thanks,
    at first I wait until 17 minutes, it only bootloop,
    flash again and factory and cache reset then only ok.
    take 2 minutes to boot..huh!

  • gaarared

    Thanks for the guide guys…
    Now after root installing GOATRIP ROM…yuhuuu

  • mak3r

    can i able to flash any custom gingerbread rom after flashing this stock JVB rom…. (like darkys JVK v10)

    • ghost

      ya of course u can put darky 10 extreme beta version.but but but i strongly recoommend u not to put becoz it has OVERSTOCK please dont ask what is this kernel and what are the demerits..

  • SexyGirl

    hey guys..I own a galaxy S korean model,I think its commonly known as shw-m110s..I wonder if my phone can be updated to this GB?

    Thanks guys.

    • ghost

      no way…bcoz this rom is only for samsung galaxy gt i9000 international…dont try otherwise you may brick your mobile

  • @Kapil — It will be very helpful if you could post a how-to guide on “down grading SGS to stock firmware i.e 2.2 from this 2.3.3 gingerbread”
    Thanks 🙂

    • ghost

      hi sir,so finally u have decided to downgrade.i will give you a full tutorial how to install 2.2 via odin and via kies.but before that i would like to know what all problems you faced with this fake rom????and one more thing i would like to know that which country update you want to install–germany or australia or sweden or india or china or any other??????

    • Hey, I’ve already posted a guide, which is very good, I suppose. Use the EZRom to downgrade to Android 2.2.1. This ROM is pretty complete and would also take care of Android 2.2 bootloaders — so, use this ROM to go back to Android 2.2. Here’s the link —

  • michael

    Hello all,

    Update went well… but now I can’t restart my galaxy without plugin it to usb… Otherwise it just loop on the charge icon… any idea ?

  • Riccardo

    I’ve just used yours instruction and now my new phone simply doen’t boot. when i press power button screen remain totaly’s like i’ve don’t pressed the button…. can i do something? or i have to go to samsung???
    how’s possible this???

  • simple

    Bricked !

  • ghost.bhoot2k

    dont get panic.simply put your phone in download mode using 3 button combos and flash this rom again.i know last time you might not have ticked repartition…..plz plz plz tick the repartition option and go ahead as this is the first time you are installing 2.3.3

  • SexyGirl

    thanks if you got any link for GB upgrade for my phone model.I cant seem to find any.

  • Ammad

    Hi Bhoot, so finally its proved to be a fake rom. Yaar but why the hell they did all this drama. And Samsung is still sleeping like a lazy ..ssss. Btw which rom are you using?

    • I’d flash 2.3.3 from Kies that was faster than this cooked rom from samfirmwares. Is it true that 2.3.3 for Galaxy S is going to get Ext4 in Stock-release???

    • ghost

      what 2.3.3??? this is just the nomenclature…if you want i can give a rom named 3.1 HONEYCOMB or 4.2.1 ICECREAM which will be displayed under ABOUT does not mean that galaxy has got honeycomb or icecream.its very easy to alter the things once you know how to play with framework and how to configure a rom.

  • Sanket Rathod

    ok i wanna know these things: kapil / bhoot / anyone pls help:

    1. does this rom really f-up the three button combo?
    2. xxjvk’s battery life sucked big time drained in six hrs without doing much. how is xwjvb’s battery life?
    3. i’ve seen kapil’s guide to downgrading to 2.2 using EZrom. bhoot, can u actually provide links to installation guides to ur said 2.2 downgrades? I could use the Australia version.
    4. Also is there such a downgrade available that can let me upgrade to Samsung’s 2.3 whenever they release?
    5. Can smbdy link me to a different/latest/better guide to upgrading to darky’s extreme edition? i tried a few times from a forum at darky’s page. Everything goes fine til the final reboot when i get stuck forever at the boot animation logo. help? suggestions? advice?

    • 1. No! — as far as I know
      2. Better
      3. & 5. EZRom is good. It’s pre-rooted and recovery already installed. To switch to darky’s ROM, just download the ROM and put it on sd card and then using recovery on your EZRom, flash darky’s ROM. Simple!
      4. It’s hard to say you can get perfect solution to become friend with Kies again. I don’t know for sure but this is what I could recommend. First, on the download the latest ROM released in your country and then. install it using ODIN. Make sure while downgrading you use EZRom first and then the country-specific official ODIN ROM. Another thing you can try is using Doc’s kitchen to cook a ROM for yourself with components being what Samsung has latest issued in your specific country/area.

      Hope it helps!

      • Thanks for all the info guys! If samsung ever comes up with an official gingerbread, i’ll try that out via eclair-froyo-ginger. If not, i’ll try out darky’s 9.3 and so on. let’s see what happens. So far i’m happy with this xwjvb. thanks again.

    • ghost

      1. 3 button combo works fine as our mobiles are not having locked bootloaders.
      2. battery life is better than xxjvk but far poor than 2.2.1 xxjpy and xwjs8
      4. for upgrading via kies you must have factory provided rom not the coocked one.for INU (india) it is DDJF3 2.1 update1 eclair updated via kies to JP6 2.2 froyo.if you are using this one then only your kies will detect and let you upgrade to 2.3.3 when it arrives in your country.
      5. please use the most stable version of darky that is 9.3 extreme.if you go for 9.4,9.5 or 10 problems will appear.secondly use speedmod kernel under darky configurator.
      3. for downgrading you can easily use EZROM but it wont provide you the factory built rom so one has to go to samsung care for installing DDJF3 2.1 update1 as its not available anywhere else.

  • sujith

    my data isa not working

  • sujith

    my data package not working

    • ghost

      reset default under the option of apn…..

  • dreqs

    does sgs still able to make native 3g video call after update to 2.3?

    • ghost.bhoot2k

      ya sure

  • tojjer

    Hi Ghost / Kapil. I’ve downgraded to 2.2.1 using EZROM, but KIES doesn’t recognise it. Can I just flash JY over the top of it?

    • tojjer

      Sorry, I mean JPY

      • ghost.bhoot2k

        ya sure.for that you need a single pda file jpy jpy jpy….nee.tar which is available at samfirmware.just flash it using odin without ticking repartition…enjoy

        • tojjer

          Thank you buddy

  • dreqs

    thanks ghost! =) not worried to upgrade anymore,3g video call is da most important for me

  • BEKU

    Is it works for galaxy s m110s Korean Version I9000 ???

  • Hi,

    Everything went pretty well except the most important thing. I can’t access my mobile network at all!!

    No phone calls!

    Any idea why?

    Also the phone couldn’t locate my mobile network automatically.

    I am from Israel.

  • Hi.Please help me!Odin gets stuck at Setup Connection…what shall i dO?

  • khak

    version with bootloader, do I have to mark Phone Bootlader Update and re-patrition ?

    • NO you must NOT tick the “Phone Bootloader Update” box, and “re-partition” is optional but if you plan to tick it then make sure you’re inserting a “.pit” file in the “PIT” box.

  • Kishan

    Nice guide!

    • Thnx man….. We would welcome if you’ve any suggestions for this blog.

  • Bobbi


    I want to make sure that I won’t mesh up upgrading my SGS from 2.1 to 2.3.3.

    In order for me to follow procedure easily is to understand what are the files involve. My inquiries are:

    1. when do i need the pit file? In your procedure no pit file selected but in some other posts in the web you need to have the pit file as well as tick the Re-partition box.
    2. is it safe with your procedure w/o the pit file upgrading from 2.1 to 2.3.3?

    Thanks a lot

    • Download the PIT file from here — [It’s a .zip file so first extract it, you’ll get the following file “s1_odin_20100512.pit”]

      Now in Step 8 of this tutorial tick the “Re-partition” box, and then in Step 9 click on the “PIT” box and select the “s1_odin_20100512.pit” file.

      That should get you safely upgraded to 2.3.3 🙂

      • Bobbi

        Thanks a lot I’ll give it a try. One more thing, do I have to root the phone before proceeding with the upgrade?
        Thanks again!

        • No that’s not needed.. matter fact it’s good that your phone is not rooted 😉

          • Bobbi

            Thanks Shivam!

          • Bobbi

            Hello again Shivam!

            Thanks for everything, however I’ve got one issue re: operation of the phone.

            Sometimes there is no fluidness. You can recognize that when opening some application. Is the issue due to the old data that is still in the phone? Do I have to wipe the data/factory reset or the cache partition? Which one should I consider?


  • Guest

    Hi all, i want to ask can i straight flash my phone(JPM) to gingerbread if my phone rooted, lagfix or tweaked = ? just do factory reset before use Odin ?

    please help…thx

    • I think you should disable lagfix before you proceed. If you want help with that, here’s the link —

      • Guest

        thanks for your reply ..
        I can’t find any lagfix option in recovery mode, that mean my sgs didn’t did any lagfix ? how to check it ?

        Thanks …

        • If it’s not in your recovery then it means you don’t have any lagfix installed on your phone. So buddy you’re good to flash XWJVB.

          • Guest

            ok…. thx for ur help =)

  • Aaron

    my phone didnt come up “added” on odin3. anyone suggest a reason why??

  • Azarro

    Hi, I´ve followed the guide precisely, but something went wrong and ODIN failed.
    I was trying to flash GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3_Sbl with bootloaders and now I can´t get anywhere besides Download mode from which I am not able to flash anything.. ODIN either hangs or woes about “PIT partition”. I´ve tried to use 512PIT too. As far as I can tell the device is not bricked since it´s not showing the “black screen of death”. Originally I was running Juwe 1.9 XWJS8 ROM without any lagfix. I am kind of hopeless now and would be grateful for any clue or guide.
    Any help appreciated!

  • Born_wild009

    confused.. do i need to flash w/o bootloaders version after installing the w/ bootloaders version?

    • Hell no. Android 2.3 bootloaders are required when you’re installing the Android 2.3 for the first time, not again — that’s why we need to use the with_bootloaders file in the beginning. When you intend to flash a new Android 2.3 JVB, you can install using the without_bootloaders version.

      But in no case both versions are required to be flashed.

      Hope it helps.

  • Dexy004

    Hi, I´ve followed the guide precisely and everything is working fine ! Great work !!!

    • Thanks…. Glad you like it!

  • Help pls!!! After i success flash the 2.3.3 XXJVB. My phone just restart & start up with screen that ask me enter password in my phone??? Anybody know what is happen?

    • If you’re still stuck, I recommend doing a factory reset from the recovery. Let me know.

      • Pardesiiii

        hi, just finishied flashing, phone gets stuck at S logo, S logo is coming again n again….plz advice wt went wrong…

  • dima

    Hi there! I got a question, will I keep all my contacts, apps and data after flashing this ROM or should I make a backup? Also I think Titanium backup will be useless for restoring if I wont have root on the new rom. Can u advice please?

  • Hamish3596

    Hey, this guide ROCKS.
    I was on Darky extreme 9.5 and it was good, but got scared that I wasn’t going to be able to upgrade when Samsung/Google FINALLY release 2.3… to us. So, I flashed this ROM using odin. It was really easy, I then rooted using chainfire kernel and made sure busybox is working, so as to be able to restore my Angry Birds progress (very important).
    So, it’s all good. Battery life is SUPERB compared to Darky (but Darky is very cool and I am sure that all that coolness needs more power). I don’t really think Google have fixed the SGS GPS nightmare in this release. Mine still only gets to about 10m accuracy.
    However. It is a good rom and thank you for your work on it.

    • Hi Hamish, thanks for appreciating our work.

      And yeah damn right. GPS is still not good.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I followed the instructions and I get a ‘pass’ in odin, however when I reboot my phone it just loops at the SGS start up screen!! please help!?!?

    I hold onto vol up+ power + home button and it takes me to recovery. It then displays the following message:

    # Manual mode #

    applying Multi CSC
    Installing Multi CSC
    Can’t access to ‘/system/csc/VOD/system/’.
    Successfully applied multi-CSC.

    can anyone help please??



    • Try doing a factory reset if you’re able to boot into Recovery.
      Or you can use the EZBase ROM to painlessly update your phone to Android 2.3.3 XWJVB ROM. Here’s the link —

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your reply Shivam!

        However I tried the process again using GT_I9000_XXJVK_XXJVK_OXAJVK_Sbl and it worked! could you tell me what the difference between GT_I9000_XXJVK_XXJVK_OXAJVK_Sbl and GT_I9000_XWJVB_XXJVK_NEEJV3_Sbl are and why the former worked?



        • There are not much differences between the two ROMs apart from the fact that XWJVB is the latest one. But users have reported that XWJVB has better battery performance & stability as compared to XXJVK.

          So you did the right thing. I’d have recommended you to do the same — flash the XWJVB over XXJVK 😉

          Anyway glad you got it working.

  • Works like a charm. Just did the update from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3. Thanks

  • Mike

    Sorry for the stupid questiion but i am new on android…
    Is it nescessary to root my GT-I9000 after install the 2.3.3 XWJVA???

    What steps i have to make (install / root/ adb etc.) to use my SGS?

    Thx a lot…

    • No it’s not necessary at all. You can just flash XWJVB and you’ll be good 🙂

    • No it’s not necessary at all. You can just flash XWJVB and you’ll be good 🙂

  • Paul

    Hi, maybe someone can help me?

    I followed all the steps and when I pushed ‘start’in odin3, it kept on hanging on setup connection. So after 10 mins i stopped it and tried it again. then it suddenly said Failed
    Now I cannot start my phone anymore..


    • Paul

      nevermind, fixxed it already..

  • Did it again successfully last night on other SGS 2.3.2 phone. I used the version with bootloader. Many thanks again.

  • dima

    Hi guys!
    Just flashed a week ago this Rom and really happy with it. Meantimes (from today actually) I am a happy owner of a Galaxy s II. So I passed my galaxy s to my wife. The problem is that I cannot perform the factory reset for some reason, and this phone is still stuck to my gmail account which I cannot remove. Some ideas?
    I would like to have a full wipe of the phone — apps, data, everithing. Only pure gingerbread.
    Can u help?

    • Well if you’re having problem with factory reset — and you want to have a full wipe — then a simple solution would be to flash the whole ROM again on your phone using the guide above.

      And BTW congratulations for Galaxy S II 🙂

      • dima

        Ok, flashed it again. No I have a bigger problem:it wont work with my tree mobile sim. No data, no calls, nothing. I put a tmobile sim inside and it works fine. Called the guys from technical support, went to three store… They say it is a problem of the pphone. For some reason my phone does’t accept three mobile (they have a special network?) but accepts for ex. t mobile. What should I do?
        And yeah: Galaxy S II is awesome, never seen anything better!!!

  • Gurdyal

    hi every one
    can anybody help me i am using galaxy s froyo 2.2 build number FRF91.372 rooted device i want to put Gingerbread Rom XWJVB on my device should i do so or there is chances of brickage
    thnx in advance

    • Hello Gurdyal, chances of brickage are always there for everyone — yep, that’s very ironic to say. You can flash this ROM but follow each step carefully.

  • Gurdyal

    one thing more that i have updatedmy stock touchwiz launcher using sgs tools and i m using modded touchwiz so i am totaly confused with all this thing so plz kindly help me

  • icul

    hello, i’m a newbie in all those things, but for sure i know that i have GT-I9000 2.2 froyo i didn’t do any root it’s fresh new phone before i made those steps to upgrade 2.3.3 i need to root my phone?

    • That’s good that you’ve i9000. You can try this ROM. There are no other requirements before flashing the JVB (no root is required!). Just make sure that your phone is able to enter download mode, because it’s a must to use Odin. That’s it.

  • Gurdyal

    thnks android soul team i have tried this method and successfully installed this rom and also rooted my device with that method every thing is working fine and fast once again great work done by you this is really amazing and without fearless and easy to install i am really happy with it

  • Harsh


    • Gurdyal

      buddy even i am happy with it but do you have same problm when switchof and on device only logo appear without sound

  • dima

    Ok, flashed it again. No I have a bigger problem:it wont work with my tree mobile sim. No data, no calls, nothing. I put a tmobile sim inside and it works fine. Called the guys from technical support, went to three store… They say it is a problem of the pphone. For some reason my phone does’t accept three mobile (they have a special network?) but accepts for ex. t mobile. What should I do?And yeah: Galaxy S II is awesome, never seen anything better!!!

    • dima

      It doesnt work with O2 neither. Only with T Mobile.

  • Alexander

    This doesn´t have english swype language, how can I get it? Tks

  • Fearthespork

    Does this work for any Network Provider?
    Some of the comments above seem to suggest it only works for T-Mobile?
    I’m on Orange.

    Also, on my SGS currently I am rooted on 2.2 Froyo, does that make a difference? Do I need to perform the procedure described here from a stock phone without root?

  • Assael

     it works and I like it

  • Saska

    works great on my phone

  • mirrorz

    my phone has:
    my baseband version is :I9000JXJPEBuild number : FROYO.JPJPG
    will this work on my phone too??

  • Adam

    Will this work for my phone as well??
    Carrier: Telus (Canada)
    Galaxy S Fascinate 3G (SGH-T959D)


  • Derekdevos87

    Just installed it on my galaxy s, works great, i had to put in the internet settings manually tho, but so far it’s great:)

  • burn

    Do you know of an easy way to root galaxy s2 GingerB2.3.3? I tried the Gingerbreak made for droid and while it works on that, samsung didnt acknowledge it at all..

  • Fulo

    do i have to re-install launcher pro? it keeps failing

    • Clear data of launched pro in manage applications. That will delete its settings but should solve the problem.

    • Clear data of launched pro in manage applications. That will delete its settings but should solve the problem.

  • Fulo

    do i have to re-install launcher pro? it keeps failing

  • Dpsmith81

    all ok apart from i get two sms icons now with every message a stock one (the orange/yellow one) and now a white one that i cant get rid of any help to remove this icon whenever i get message

  • Blackparadise94

    it’s working great but battery draining is terrible after flashing.Can someone told me how to fix it?

  • galaxys user

    why i plug in usb nothing came out on odin???

    • Try the latest XXJVR rom, anyway. And the problem is with drivers.

    • galaxys user

      dude why after doing all  the odin my galaxy s is freezing when switch on that time

    • galaxys user

      dude why after doing all  the odin my galaxy s is freezing when switch on that time

  • galaxys user

    why i plug in usb nothing came out on odin???

  • happy samsung user

    thanks ! it works 100% just follow the instructions nice and easy and it will work!

  • help!

    i did this, and my phone just works, except i got no internet, i can make phone calls, i cant see a 3g/g/h logo in the top of my screen either..

    • Install the latest xxjvr firmware. Search for it on our website.

  • Hello I tried as per your instruction but i received error with system protect message and there after i see small icon of mobile and pc and nothing happening my mobile and it look rom is gone in my  galaxy please help me to restore at least original version 2.2

    • Josepastrana87

      nikhil i found the to fix that problem press the power button + home button + and on the left handside press down at the same time hold it for 10 sec and u will see a in yellow letters Downloading and then connect the galaxy to the pc with ODIN it will connect automactic an repeat the step Above

  • Jason

    My phone bricked with these symptoms any help:
    cannot power on
    cannot get into restore mode by holding volume down+camera+power
    cannot get into download mode by holding power + 1 on the keypad
    cannot get into download mode by shorting pins 4 and 5 with 301kohm resistance

    any other ideas?  I think i may have to JTAG it to get it working but that I don’t know how to do exactly need help.

    • This guide was for Samsung Galaxy S, which does not have a camera button. Which phone did you try this thing on?

      • Jason

        sorry, the Samsung Epic 4g.  I gave up on it.  I haven’t found anything about JTAG settings as far as memory location for the bootloader, memory location for the application, device Id I think I found.  My choices to unbrick it right now are send it to someone and pay the $40 to do it for me, or buy the automatically setup RIFF JTAG device for $150.  I am pretty sure I hosed the bootloader which is why you have to run JTAG to install some type of bootloader and go from there.

        • I think I can help you. But not just right now — lemme check some stuff about it.

  • Pubudu Dissanayake

    Does it work for
    baseband version  :I9000XXJPY Build number : FROYO.XXJPY

  • Josepastrana87

    Nice i did it and it works but i cant see my carrier logo on the left hand side and 3g letter on the right.

  • Andis-11

    where i can get stopwatch? i dont understand how to get:(

  • Hollos13

    I have some problem … My computer not find my phone -.-” i need driver. is this work on galaxy s plus??

  • Broken link! Fix it please!!

  • nourhanov

    does it support arabic?

  • Bart

    could you please update the links, their broken.

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