How to Install TWRP Recovery on Sprint G2 on Lollipop Update

You need TWRP recovery to do various tasks, but mostly it’s installing a custom ROM. After you update your Sprint LG G2 to Lollipop update, whether taking OTA update, or by using flashtool to flash the .kdz file, you either need to manually remove custom recovery like TWRP or it’s automatically removed (in flashtool’s case).

But worry not, the TWRP recovery is available for your Sprint G2 on Lollipop update, and installing it is a breeze thanks to AutoRec app also becoming available. Thus, you don’t have to worry about booting into fastboot mode or download mode, or use many tools or commands for this.

Just install the AutoRec app and provide it root access, once done, click on ‘Flash TWRP’ which will install the TWRP recovery after backing up the LG stock recovery which can be restored later anytime using the app, for example, when you want to take OTA update. Below are useful links and small instruction set for this.


Note: Make sure you are on Lollipop update, as this is not for KitKat or Jellybean OS.

  1. Root Sprint LG G2 first of all. You cannot proceed without this.
  2. Download the installer APK file of AutoRec app provided above — it’s updated to bring you TWRP recovery on Lollipop update, ZVG, on your Sprint G2.
  3. Enable app installation from APK file. Go to Settings > Security and then enable ‘Unknown sources’. Tap on OK on pop-up to confirm your choice.
  4. Transfer the apk file to your Sprint G2 if downloaded on PC, and use a file manager and go into the folder where it is and then tap on it to begin installation.
  5. When the app is installed, open the AutoRec app from the app drawer.
  6. Provide root access to the app. Tap on Grant on the pop-up that shows up right after you open the app.
  7. Wait for the app until it shows safe to install message via a pop-up, as can be seen above.
  8. Tap on ‘Flash TWRP’. This will begin installation of TWRP recovery but will automatically back up the LG’s stock recovery first, so that you can restore it back whenever you want using the only other option in the app. That’s it.

Happy flashing!

Let us know if you need help over this via comments section below.

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  • Kevin L.

    Hi, my name is Kevin. Please help, I downloaded

    APK of AutoRec app | Filename: ls980_best_version_omg_so_good.apk and flash it, but it is giving me the white lines when booted. how can I resolve this issues. Please respond back ASAP to my email address at: Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

    • Kevin L.

      or Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can’t go into Recovery Mode either. Please!!!!

  • Kevin L.

    Anyone, if you know how to resolve my isssues, please help me. I have Sprint LG G2 Version 5.0.2 Lollipop and I tried installing AutoRecapp.apk and after it reboot, it gave me white lines. Now I can’t even go to recovery mode. What can I do to resolve this situations. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Let me look… btw, you sure you had Sprint G2, not any other variant? Also, can you share a pic of current state of your G2, showing the white lines?

      • Kevin L.

        Yes, I have the Sprint LG G2, I will try to send you a pic ok, thanks.

        • Kevin L.

          Here’s some pictures of the white lines, I’m talking about.

    • Hey, if nothing works. Flash a firmware back on your Sprint G2 using the TOT guide from here.

      The firmware you’ll be downloading will be:

      Also download the .dll file from here: the mega

      Follow the guide fully to restore back your Sprint G2. Let me know if you need any help.

      • Kevin L.

        Hi, thanks for responding back so soon, I can flash it back to the stock version, but do you think it’ll work cause I can’t even go to the download mode when I press the up and power button on my Sprint LG G2.

        • So, you are saying you cannot boot to recovery mode and download mode. That’s a problem. I will try to find a solution for you.

          Btw, about connecting in download mode: well, restart PC, install drivers, and then connect mobile to PC while holding Volume Up key.

        • Kevin L.

          I hope this is correct, I’m thinking that the screen has white lines, but when I press the power button along with the up button will still go into download mode even though I can’t see it. what do you think?

          • ​Yup, very much possible. Do give it a try!​

          • Kevin L.

            so have you seen the pictures that I posted? yeah looks like that.

          • yup, seen. Horribly disappointing. I’ve come across a solution for this, but they are kitkat kernels that solve it. It happened for people on kitkat too. That won’t do well for Lollipop. But if nothing helps, we can flash kitkat kernel back, but will have to check whether that’s fine or not.
            You sure you were on Lollipop when you flashed that. Otherwise, fashing a lollipop kernel could fix it too.

  • Farman

    I have LS980’lolipop updated ..
    But sim network is not working in my lg g2 .
    showing only 2g Signal for 5 sec ..
    Then it well auto change into 3g mode …where there is no 3g signal….
    In previous Rom kitkat rom also there were 2g signals ..
    But now its auto change into 3g mode ..
    Is it simlock ?

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