How to Force Prevent Ringtone Volume Change (Decrease/Increase) from Volume button

Sometimes, volume down button gets pushed accidentally while the phone is in your pocket, thus decreasing the ringtone volume of your phone too low, or ending up putting it in vibrate mode. If this happens to you too frequently, or to any elder in your home, then here’s a easy and quick solution to this.

Download the rocker locker Android app, that links the volume rocker to media volume. Now, press of button changes how loud your songs will play, and won’t change the ringtone or notification volume.

That’s a lot helpful, although it has its share of obvious drawback: you can no longer use volume down button to put phone in vibrate mode. But anyway, just hold the power button, and in most phones including all Samsung android phones, you can select the option to put phone on any of the 3 modes, vibrate, silent and normal.

Download Volume Rocker

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