How to Fix “System UIDs Inconsistent” error on Android

Seeing a “System UIDs Inconsistent” error on your Android device? Well, calm down. We know it looks scary when it says “wipe your data partition or your device will be unstable”, but it can be really simple to solve this issue without dealing with wiping away your precious stuff on the device.

Let’s start with the causes first. The error mostly comes when you don’t flash a custom ROM in the right way. But it can also happen due to a recently updated app.

To fix the error, there are a couple of things you could do other than wiping the data partition. First, run “Fix Permissions” process from a custom recovery. Second, look for the culprit app in the uiderrors.txt file in /data/system/ directory and uninstall the trouble making app.

How to Fix “System UIDs Inconsistent” Error

Method 1 – Fix permissions from Recovery


  1. Boot your Android device into Recovery mode.
  2. Look for the “Fix permissions” option and select it.
  3. Once the process finishes, reboot your phone. The trouble should be gone.

Method 2 – Uninstall the trouble making app

  1. Download and install a file manager app from the Play Store (we recommend ES File Explorer).
  2. Go to /data/system/ directory and open the uiderrors.txt file.
  3. Find the culprit app from the uiderrors file and uninstall it immediately. This should help you get rid of the “System UIDs Inconsistent” error.
    └ Also try rebooting the phone after uninstalling the culprit app.
  4. If needed, you can re-install the app. It won’t pose any trouble anymore.


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  • Gnosh Mehmet

    how i,m suppose to do these steps..i cant get into my phone..”unfortunately, MTK Thermal Manager has stopped.”keep poping phone stay stuck on this screen when I start it.
    No way to access to anything.

  • Adrian

    If someone understood how to access Data/system/ UID.text file, they would probably already know how to fix their phone without reading this. So off to YouTube I go for a proper step-by-step guide. Thanks for nothing on this useless page!