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How to Fix Sprint Galaxy S4 LTE issue on CM12.1 based ROMs

Having issues like LTE dropping frequently or not working at all on your Sprint Galaxy S4? Well, this might be due that custom ROM you’ve installed on your device.

This wasn’t always the issue with custom ROMs on Sprint S4, but the recent ones based on CM12.1 has this issue pretty consistently according to user Nahaff over at XDA, and for anyone else experiencing the same issues, Nahaff has also provided a quick fix through APN settings. Let’s take a look:

  1. Go to phone’s Settings » Mobile networks » Access point names, you’ll see a list of all APNs saved on your device.
  2. Select “Sprint LTE internet” from the list, and then look for the “Bearer” option inside. If it’s set to ‘unspecified’ then that’s the problem. Set “Bearer” to “LTE”.
  3. Go back to APN list again and select “Sprint EHRPD internet” from the list this time, and do the same again as in above step ─ set Bearer to “LTE”.

That’s it. LTE should work fine on your Sprint Galaxy S4 running CM12.1 based custom ROMs. Cheers!

via XDA


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