How to convert .dat system file to .ext4 format on Marshmallow and Lollipop

For a reason or another, you may often need to extract .dat file from a ROM to .ext4 format. Well, especially on Marshmallow, it’s a tedious task, as was the case on Lollipop.

But thanks to new tool called sprs2ext, your life will be a lot easier if your are a pro Android user who encounters .dat format every now and then. The credit for the tool goes to Ricky Divjakovski, thanks a lot! BTW, his android kitchen is also worth your visit!

Let’s see how you can convert the .dat file to an .ext4 one, using the sprs2ext tool.

Extract or Decompress .dat file to .ext4

Step 1. Download the tool first of all. → Link | File: sprs2ext.exe (3.35 MB)

Step 2. Now, place the tool (sprs2ext.exe) in the separate folder on your Windows PC.

Step 3. Extract the .dat and transfer list file form your AOSP or any other ROM.

Step 4. Place the .dat file (, and the system.transfer.list file, in the same folder where you have the sprs2ext.exe file.

Step 5. Now, open command window in that folder (where you have tool and .dat file).

For this, type cmd in the address bar and hit enter key. Or use Shift+right click, and then choose Open command window here.

Step 6. Now enter the following command.

sprs2ext.exe system.transfer.list <filename>.dat

(Of course, replace <filename> to name of your .dat file, Be sure to remove arrow signs too.)


→ That’s Marshmallow ROM for Galaxy Nexus in the screenshot above, btw. Ahem, the legendary Galaxy Nexus, I mean.

Step 7. You will have a .ext4 file available soon once the tool is done doing its job. Enjoy!

Let us know if this doesn’t work out, we’ll try our bets to help you.

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