How to check Water Damage on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

There is a very simple way to identify whether your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge has been bit damaged by liquid, which is most probably water. Every OEM these days ships its Android phones and tablet with such identification measures pre-installed, and the S6 and S6 Edge are no exception.

In order to check whether water damage, simply open the SIM tray of your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, and look on the inside. You don’t need a torch for this, and you don’t have to look any deep either for this. Simply check out the inner portion for its color. Look for the indicator, which is by default in white color, and is not metal of course.

White color indicates that your device is safe, and there is no liquid/water damage. While, if you’re unlucky, you’ll see pink or red color, which simply means that there has been liquid/water damage on your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

Here’s a summary:

  • Open the SIM tray first.
  • Look for the color of the indicator:
    • If you see red or pink color in there, your device has taken water damage.
    • If you see white color, there is no water damage on your device.

We hope you are never in a situation where your costliest Galaxy device to date gets hit by water, or any liquid for that matter, but yes, if you are reading this, it probably means your device has already taken some hit, and now you’re keen to verify it. We hope you see white color!

The images below exhibit both of the situations of Liquid Damage Indicator. White color means no damage, the default case. While, pink or red color means water damaged piece, that’s your work!

Galaxy S6 Pics

No Water Damage – White color


Water Damaged – Pink or Red color

Galaxy S6 Edge Pics

No Water Damage – White color


Water Damaged – Pink or Red color


What to do when there’s water damage?

Well, try to dry it up. Power off the phone and put it inside a bag of rice. Keep it there for a day. That should absorb all moisture out of it.

If the device is looking too wet, you can consider placing the device under direct sunlight for some time. Take care to not leave it under sunlight for long time as that could heat up and warm the phone.

There are also some revival kits available online, give them a look too if need be. If nothing works, getting it repaired at service centre is your only option.

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  • Myles Ilao (myl3s)

    Hi!! I dropped my phone while we were swimming in a pool. is there any chance I can still revive the my S6 by diy?? i’m dying to know. btw, i dont see any color indicator from the insides of my sim tray. thanks in advance.

    • How bad is the water damage on your S6? Is the device booting? Try putting it in a rice bag for about 24 hours or more OR order one of these revival kits (, I’ve heard good success stories of them.

      • Myles Ilao (myl3s)

        my S6 doesn’t boot anymore. i’ve done the 24hr rice bag, water spots from the camera dried already, i just don’t know from the insides of the phone.. Link “not found”!! I hope there’s other way my phone could still work without me having to replace it yet

        • Well, that sounds bad. You can try the revival kit, try this link →

          • Myles Ilao (myl3s)

            oh yeah. thanks. i’ve seen it.. now i wonder if that kit would still work on my phone after days of trying to dry it

          • People say they have revived their phones using this even after 2 weeks of damage and the company itself claims upto 1 month. It’s worth a try.

          • Myles Ilao (myl3s)

            Great! Thank you sooooo much, you’re a great help already!! : )

  • Birj

    Hi there,

    I got some water spilled on the table where my S6 edge was laying. There was just some contact with the water but i wanted to check if there was any damage. Since the image above is for the regular S6 i wanted to know where i can check the sticker on the S6 edge since by looking at the sim tray i only see metal and no color.

    Thanks for your time

    • Smriti

      I have the same problem there is no sticker or maybe no colour I have no clue but my phone won’t just switch on…. Thanks for reading.

      • Krishna

        There has to be sticker and it should be colored either pink or white. You need to look a bit more carefully. You would find it.

        • Marco

          I check every corner of the sim slot with a light: no indicator. There’s just a cavity where the sticker should be.

  • krisyh

    So i dropped my phone in water & it was completely covered but i took it out after about 2 seconds. my music kept playing and it was still on just the speaker sounded bad. Do you think it could get worse? I just put it in rice and am not touching it until tomorrow.

  • Ethan Bollinger

    Hello. My phone was accidentally left outside during a storm, and it gave me options and now wont turn on. Well, it does turn on and I can do things, but the screen doesn’t do anything. It’s completely black. Right now its in a bag of rice, any suggestions?

  • Cal

    My S6 edge got wet on the bottom in a hot tub. It turned itself off and i left it for 3 days in rice until no more signs of moisture. After three days i plugged it in and nothing happened. The water indicator on the top sim tray is still white. Do not try and open the S6 edge yourself unless you are extremely experienced in cell phone repair, as they do not come apart willingly. Mine is currently on its way to Samsung to see the extent of the damage and find out if its repairable. I’ve also heard good results from people using the repair kits that submerge the phone in isopropyl alcohol as it absorbs moisture and doesn’t conduct electricity, but i think you have to have it on hand almost right when it happens as time is your worst enemy with water damage. But That’s assuming nothing shorted out or fried when it hit the water. Hoping for the best on mine as it would cost me over 1000 dollars to replace. I’ll report back here when i get the phone back from Samsung.

    • Kristopher Estafia

      how much the repaired cost you?

    • Did it work??

  • Missy

    I don’t see the indicator light on my device? How do I knoe if mines had water damaged?

    • It’s NOT a light, it’s just a tag of some kind. It’s kind of hidden in some phones I think. In my friend’s phone it’s sort of to the left and in back of the SIM cavity, so I didn’t see it until I used the lantern app I’d downloaded and shined it in there. It is TINY!! Take another look and see if you can find it.

  • Missy

    I don’t see the indicator light on my s6. How do I know if there is water damage?

    • Dawn

      Open the SIM tray and look inside to the left.

      • Harriet

        Mine is just black inside – what does that mean?

        • Krishna

          Look carefully, there is ought to be a white label, or it could have turned into a red or pink color one. It’s small nail size thing.

  • Harriet

    Mine is just black inside – what does that mean?

  • Ashley T

    How do you open the sim tray?


    Mine droped it in the sea dosnt work so far drown it in to isopropyl ill cheack it tomarrow and let u know

    • Hi! Did it work?
      Please let me know Im doing the same thing with mine.

    • saray

      did it work? I drop my phone in sea water today.

  • my S6 LCD colour was changed…so can fix it with rice?

    • The color of the “tag” is NOT going to change. All it does is indicate if the phone sustained any water damage. Once it changes, it WON’T change again. It’s kind of like a toggle switch, but only one way. So putting your phone into a bag of rice will only dry any moisture in your phone that’s left after what did NOT pour out. Like when you pour water out of a cup but the cup is still wet? Right. So put the phone in the bag with rice anyway, for a week or two, if it landed in, say, more than a foot of water and it took more than 2 minutes to rescue it. That would be MY suggestion anyway. Good luck!!

  • sandy

    Hi. Mine is still white. Does that mean that the warranty is still good?

    • As long as you don’t open it up, and your warranty is still valid, you should be okay. Give your provider a call to find out, just DON’T open your phone!!!

  • I got splashed by a wave and my phone got wet so it wasnt sumerged under water but it was acting up so i shut it off and put it in rice fringers crossed it drys out

    • What kind of wave? I don’t mean to sound like a dummy but there ARE places with wave machines, right? So was it a salt water wave or a fresh water wave? Because if it was a SALT water wave, then that phone will have all SORTS of minerals and other deposits in it when the water evaporates and if you try to turn it on with all that in there, you’re going to have a great big mess in your hands. At least, that’s my opinion. If it was fresh water that splashed on it, you might me safe. I’d call a Samsung rep to be sure or look elsewhere on the ‘net but I wouldn’t turn it on before researching some more. Just my 2 bits.

  • tisha

    if my indicator is still white, will Samsung change it. I like I might be shorted out though.

    • Jennifer

      where you able to change your phone or did samsung now it was water damaged?

  • Amira

    *URGENT* I dropped my phone in water for a split second. I tried turning my Samsung S6 off but it didn’t want to turn off. My battery was low so I think it died off itself. The screen first started fading, then turned green. Then the screen was off and the back torch kept going on and off. My indicator is still white. Does that mean that the phone is still working and the water has not damaged my phone forever? I use my phone for work and need an answer as soon as possible I currently have the phone in rice and dried it as much as I can. Is there a possibility that my phone can be recovered without me having to repair it? is my phone still alive if I turn it on tomorrow?

    • Jaime

      Ever hear anything? I have had the same thing happen and still can’t get the phone to work!

  • Jennifer

    Hello My galaxy note 5 got wet key board is unresponsive the indicator is white though is their any other way samsung will know that I dropped the phone and it got wet trying to save some $ during xmas time pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i h8 indians

    fuck you krishna

  • Ramon

    So I’ve done the reboot but now when it goes through the screens and let’s me pick a language it turns off

  • james

    guys i have dropped my phone in the toilet, for just a few seconds, but now the power button wont work so i cant turn it off, what to do

  • Connie

    Ok, so I’ve my phone fell out of my pocket and fell in the toilet. I grabbed it out within like two and dried it off with a towel after splashing a bit of water on it to rinse it off. I removed the cover that I had on it, unfortunately not an otter box the holes would have all been covered. I put it in a bag of rice immediately and took out the SIM card. It has not been in the rice for 24 hours, but it does power on. This is what I have looked at.

    1) The LDI is red/orange.
    2) It powers on and the GUI is responsive if but a bit spastic. The home screen button doesn’t work all the time and the return and application icons on the bottom are not responsive.
    3) When I tried to charge it, which it think I did too soon, it tells me the battery is either too cold or too hot and then powers off.
    4) I did get it to recognize the sim card and thought I was home free, but because it won’t charge I took the sim card out and the phone is in a bag of rice sitting under a light for warmth. Which I will leave in for the next 24 hours straight.

    Will the LDI turn back to white once the moisture is gone?

  • yesenia Rangel

    hey i dropped my phone in the toilet lasr night at work i immediatly took it out and put it in a bag of rice how long should i leave it there for ? damage was minimal worked perfectly fine sound was good only problem was the camera was a bit blurry ?

  • Rirhandzu Zwane

    Hi there,

    Can the proximity sensor and other sensors be damaged due to water? i accidentally poured water on my s6 edge now my sensors are not working. please help.

  • amy

    i was going out to close the gate with the phone in one hand and accidentally slipped out and went into a bucket of maybe 1/2 inch of water… Picked it up quickly (had a hard case on it but still has some open holes. It was fine for a while and didn’t see waterlogged so i went about my day… 2 hrs later i wanted to charge it… after charging for 2% i wanted to plug it into the wall charger but as soon as i did that the phone turned off… had so weird stuff on the screen (light blue screen with “updates” cmd prompt? took the charger out and noticed it had a drop of water so after reading online, i checked the sticker in the sim card slot and it looks white. i put it in a bag of rice for maybe 5 min and it seems to be working fine now… hope this helps!

  • Amandeep singh

    My samsung galaxy s6 is droped into for about 10 minutes in a fish pot while charging and its not turining on please help

  • Sharon docherty

    Dropped mime down toilet literally 2 seconds picked it out dried it with towel it’s just went black screen with purple light at the top can’t do anything please help

  • Shruti: I too couldn’t find the “color” until I used my other phone’s lantern and REALLY looked and hidden in there, to the left of the SIM drawer cavity, was the little tag, red in my case, that indicated that my friend’s phone HAD been damaged by her dropping it into the pool over the weekend. The BRIGHT cell phone light might be what lets you see the tag. Good luck!!

  • Simon

    After riding under a heavy rain, my phone become wet. When i arrive home and check, it worked normally until 1 minute It said ur phone is overheating. Is there any solution to that problem? My phone is s6 edge

  • Crystal schneemann

    I accidentally splashed water on my s6 edge plus and now the power button isn’t responding is their any way to fix it without sending it in?

  • Bev Johnson

    My new S6 edge turned off and wouldn’t start up again – I had it checked and was told it had corrosion due to accidental water damage not covered on warranty. When I got my phone back it is working – will the corrosion get worse making the phone faulty again? The water indicator under the sim tray is still white so I’m not sure where this corrosion came from

  • ChristineRamirez

    My G^ 6 phone got wet and the split screen keeps popping up and wont go off! I’m so annoyed. It interferes with all of my business it cuts me out when making a call etc etc.

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