Hide Notification Bar Icons on Android using a Xposed Module

Android Operating system offers a plethora of customization abilities to the users. One can easily dig into the system files like framework-res.apk, SystemUI.apk etc… to either theme their device or change some functionality. But for a starter, all this stuff is pretty confusing and rely on a developer for the themes or mods for his device. Also packing and unpacking the system files make a considerable impact on the device. But using the Xposed Framework, you can modify your device without touching any System app.

Download the Xposed installer from the link below to use any Xposed Module.

Xposed Installer download link.

Xposed Installer hosts various modules that should be installed separately to modify your System. The Notification bar in your device may sometime become too messy with a lot icons which you might not need at all. You cannot simply hide the icons that comes with the Android OS like the Battery icon, Signal Cluster etc.., but if you feel they are unnecessary in your notification bar, you can hide them easily with the Statusbar Icon Hider module for Xposed Installer, developed by XDA member hamzahrmalik.

This module will allow you to enable/disable the Clock, Battery, Signal Cluster and other Notification icons from apps which appear on the far left of the Status bar. You can separately hide the icons whichever you are not interested to appear in your status bar. So with this module on your device, you can clear the messy icons from the Status bar without any effort.

Download the Xposed module from the repository link provided below:

Statusbar Icon Hider  download link.


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