Here’s the Golden Galaxy F [Leak]

Don’t like the band-aid colored Galaxy S5? Well, Samsung has totally figured you out now, and is thus looking to get you something you’ll like. Meet the improved and so-called premium version of Galaxy S5 itself, the Galaxy F, and that too in Golden color, which is let’s say, really improved color taste with really improved belief from Samsung.

We’ve already seen the Galaxy F more than a few times. We know its specs, it other leaked images than the one at top and a casual word on release date too.

What’s more, there’s even a pic of Galaxy F with the Galaxy S5, to make sure everyone gets the point of the device (hint: metal v/s plastic, you know!). Not everyone actually, by everyone, we only meant those who were just wondering endlessly as to what’s the purpose of another Galaxy phone with altogether different series, said to be the premium version of the series ought to be premium. Eh!

Anyways, expect the Galaxy F to release sometime in September to provide required competition to new iPhone, presumably, with great help from the Note 4, which should be launching around that time too, just a month or two later perhaps.

Via evleaks

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