Here’s a Classy Square Watchface for your LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live

This watchface is an eye candy for those minimalist lovers! Zuhanden, a German app maker, formerly acclaimed fame for an app called ‘Circles – Smart watch and Alarm‘. They’re known for their classic design theme in watchfaces.

This Square watchface app is one of the best looking watchface app on Google Play store, the watchface looks professional and very elegant, not cartoonish, not pastel like colors. It’s a good looking watchface, we love its design and the user interface, it shows a classic time piece that can be seen in the likes of high-end wrist watches.

This app is specifically designed for the square form factor android wear watches — the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. The square is optimized for rectangular smart watches. It is effortless to install this app, first download the free app onto your Android phone, then sync it with your watch. Once syncing is done, you select the watchface on your Wear watch. It’s offered in two customized flavors, you can choose from Square Classic (with border and branding) and Square Clean (without border and branding).

This is perfect for those who’re looking for a clean professional looking watchface and those in offices or formal occasions. The developer are also working on an equally classy circular watchface for the Moto 360 (have a look at the picture below)

Watch-Face-for-Moto-3603 [pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’Watchface for Wear – Squares’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]

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