[Hell Yeah!] Samsung to remove all pre-installed bloatware on the Galaxy S6

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In Samsung’s countless attempts at making its Flagship devices differ in functionality from the competition, over the years the company’s custom UI TouchWiz has grown to be the most bloated custom UI on Android, and this is also the one complain that you hear from every Samsung user. Bloatware kills user experience and impacts performance.

But things will change with the Galaxy S6. Sammobile, a trusted source for all things Samsung, has received insider info that Samsung is removing all the pre-installed Samsung apps from Galaxy S6, and is making them available as a separate download via Galaxy Apps store. Ofcourse, the company will retain the things that are a must, like the S Health app which is essential for the heart sensor will not be going anywhere. But most of them will go away.

However, unfortunately, there’s a bad part to it as well. Samsung will be giving some of Microsoft’s apps pre-installed on the device, which is better than having Samsung’s apps but it really isn’t going bloat-free. The following Microsoft apps are reported to be pre-installed on S6: OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile (with a free Office 365 subscription), and Skype.

Coming back to the good things, the TouchWiz UI is reported to take a transformation to be very close in looks to stock Android by Google. This would mean good material design all over TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6, plus a neat and smooth user experience.

A lot will be changing on TouchWiz, there will be more theming options, colorful apps (think LG UI and Zen UI by Asus), new features in home launcher, and the dialer app is reported to be “Green as Grass”. All in all, we’re getting a sense of flat, colorful design for the TouchWiz UI on Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is set to be unveiled at MWC next month at Samsung Unpacked 2015 event. And it’s getting more exciting now to see the changes Samsung have made to its hardware and software design.

Source: SamMobile
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  • ben

    TLDR: Microsoft paid Samsung bucket loads to only include their applications.