HDFC Bank Debit Cards in India Now Work on Google Play

Users in India who are frustrated at the requirement of a credit card for Google play purchases can breathe a sigh of relief, especially if one is a customer of HDFC bank. The pic you see above is the SMS — the HDFC Bank Service Alert, that is — the bank is sending to its debit card holders, announcing that their debit card is now all compatible with international sites, including the lovely Google Play store and

This is a really good piece of news for Android users in India and one can only hope that other banks follow the suit real soon. We can confirm our HDFC bank debit card to be working, and that’s actually the second message you see above — a fee of Rs.50 is charged when you add a card to Google Wallet.

We also tried Axis bank’s debit card of ours, and it was not compatible, sadly. Atleast yet.

You can try other banks’ debit card that you may have, and let us know if it works. For now, it looks like only HDFC managed this, and other banks might take some time before getting the much needed feature to their debit card holders.

Now that Google Play store in India is getting almost up to speed, it is obviously essential that Indian users get more freedom to buy favorite content from the Play Store.

To be able to use HDFC bank debit card in India on Google Play, all you need to do is go to Google Wallet page, sign in if you need to, and add your debit card there (Rs.50 will be charged to you!). That’s it. Try buying anything from the Play Store and it shall work flawlessly.

Let us know if you find your debit card is eligible for Google Play in India.

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  • eric

    Developermedia ads…hmm… good way, people will be thinking all day night how u are using 7 banners in adsense…

  • Akshay R. Pawar

    I have a HDFC Titanium MasterCard Debit card and it is not working. Just says Invalid Credit card. Why is that??

    • Mujahid Reza

      same situation with me, i even enabled the international facility option in the netbanking page.

    • Karan Das

      Same here.

  • visesh prasad

    doesnt work for me. hdfc debit card. verify your information before posting.

  • Arvind

    It WORKS!!

  • Mujahid Reza

    which HDFC debit card do you use?

    • srinivas

      HDFC Titanium royale debit card not working even after enabled for international transactions through netbanking