Guess who is coming back next year?

So┬áthe Microsoft-Nokia deal — that resulted in the complete disappearance of the latter from the market — is set to expire next year and we can expect the company to be back with a bang. After going through some pretty bad times, the company is all set to make a complete comeback and what’s more, it will bring android with it this time around.


This is no hearsay as well because we had the President, Nokia China confirm it when he announced Android phones come 2016. The Finnish company is also moving it’s R&D centre to┬áSichuan sparking speculation about that being the place where Nokia’s android devices will be spawned from.

While Nokia did dabble in android, it never seemed to be particularly serious about it — preferring the Windows 8 platform. However, there seems to be more commitment in the air this time around.

Source: SCDaily

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