Google’s Self Driving Cars will be Tested on Public Roads this Summer

google self driving car

The prototypes of Google’s self-driving vehicles exist for a long time and they were waiting to be tested in the realistic environments. This situation is all set to change as the firm has confirmed that its self-driving cars will be tested on public roads in Mountain Valley this summer.

Of course, these self-driving cars will be accompanied by training wheels and each vehicle will have a human test driver who will have a detachable steering wheel and pedal control. The test driver will take over the driving whenever it is necessary.

The speed of each self-driving vehicle prototype will be limited at 25 miles per hour that is not exactly a freeway-friendly pace, but it should be both fast and slow enough for safe travels via commercial and small residential areas.

Google claims that their goal is to learn the purpose for what people will use these self-driving vehicles by running a pilot program over the next few years. It is a long wait for the consumer trialing, but this technology is quite new and delicate, and it is common for it to take years before making a commercial launch in the market.

Source: Google