Google Videos App not Appearing in your Market? Install it Manually.

Google Videos android app, from the Google itself, allows users to rent movies within a matter of clicks and start watching the rented items instantly in few minutes. It may happen that Google Videos app is not appearing in the android market app on your phone. If that’s the case, you can download the Google Videos app yourself using the link below and install it yourself after enabling so in the settings – Applications – ticking the “Unknown Sources” checkbox (select OK on warning).

Why the Google Videos app didn’t show in your market was maybe because the service wasn’t available in your region/country. And even if you install the app manually, the situation won’t change and you will be unable to use app until the Google launches the service in your area. Anyway, you can check out which movie is other users finding cool these day in the “Top Rentals” section of the app and also get all the videos and movies stored in your phone’s card at one place.

Download Google Videos App

So, how are you liking Google’s Movie service, let us know in comments. And btw, if you have an Android 2.2+ device (which probably you have), download, install and enjoy the android market in the revamped new Android Market App (APK) v 3.0.26.


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    when will hollywood wake up and stop the illegal downloading scene by allowing customers to actually pay for stremaing movies anywhere outside the US!?

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