Google to stop personalizing ads based on your Gmail content


It’s pretty much a given that most of the internet users have a Gmail account. And a large number of these Gmail users can undeniably agree on one issue surrounding the service. Yes, we are talking about privacy here.

Google generally scans the content of all the emails you send/receive in order to generate personalized ads. But, it seems like Google will no longer practice this approach in the future.

The search engine giant announced yesterday that it will stop scanning the content of messages sent via its free consumer Gmail service to personalize ads.

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Google said that once the change is implemented sometime “later this year,” the Gmail ads will fall “in line with how we personalize ads for other Google products.”

Do note that this doesn’t mean you will entirely stop seeing ads while using Gmail, it just means that Google won’t generate any ads based on the messages/content of your emails.

Via: GSMArena 

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