Google to Share Updates on Project Ara on May 29 at Google I/O 2015

project ara

Lately, there is no news about the Project Ara Modular smartphone concept, but there are expectations that the situation will take a twist on the day 2 of the Google I/O conference 2015. On May 29, at 11 am, there will a session titled “A little badass. Beautiful. Tech and human. Work and love. ATAP.

On the second day of the conference, Regina Dugan, the Vice President of Engineering of Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) will be addressing the session. The other speakers at the session will be .mudge (aka Petter) Zatko, former leader of “the L0pht” and @stake, Ivan Poupyrev, Engineer-designer interaction pioneer and Rachid El Guerrab, Gamadev and graphics architect.


We expect to hear an update on the Pilot Project set sometime later this year and news about the current progress of the Project Ara. The official Google I/O 2015 website will live stream the conference for those who cannot attend the event.

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