Google to launch updates for its Android Wear soon

The smartwatch market — which until now was the playground of Android wear — is on the brink of seeing some major expansion. Giants such as Apple — with its Apple Watch — as well as start ups such as Pebble Inc are gearing up to explore what has been pretty much uncharted territory for all save Google, and as such its up to Google to make sure that its Android run watches stay ahead of their upcoming competitors. Well, if a report from The Verge can be believed, its doing just that.

According to the report, soon Android wear may be about to receive updates that will significantly alter and enhance upon the overall experience. First off, the android wear is expected to start supporting Wi-fi. Now while smartwatches  are used to connecting to the internet in the past, they have done so via your Smartphone acting as a go between for the internet connection and the watch. However, this update will allow the watch to go completely freelance and use the wi-fi to access the internet on its own.


Second, a brand new gesture that will allow you to flick your wrist to scroll through Google Now cards and notifications is also making the rounds, this is also a welcome addition for Android wear since a bunch of other smart watch makers — including a couple on kickstart  — have already started implementing several gestures into their watches.

Finally Google is planning to introduce some changes in its UI that will allow users ease of access while trying to get to the android wear applications, now this is something that may have many implications and without any further information, its hard to pinpoint the exact nature of this update. It may be something related to control such as the gesture update but it may just as easily be an official app drawer.

Stick around and we are sure to bring you more on this topic soon.

Via: AndroidAuthority

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