Google to Launch New Android Release Every Year, Android M this year, Android N in 2016 and so on


The Google I/O conference is all set to start tomorrow and there are talks about the Android M operating system all over the tech media world. Internally, the Android M platform is called Macadamia Nut Cookie and it will be the successor of the Android Lollipop build.

From the looks, it appears like the Android M will have a year to reign and Android N will arrive in 2016. The information has been confirmed by the Vice President of Engineering for Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer.


He confirmed that the Android M will be going official tomorrow at the Google I/O conference. Apart from this, the executive further revealed that a major news. He added that a major iteration of Android will be announced every year from now on and Google will commence a yearly cadence of big releases.

He claimed that Android M will be released tomorrow, Android N in 2016 and Android O in the year 2017 and so on. This indicates that we will not receive any minor incremental releases annually from now on.

Source: Droid-Life