Google Search now shows you how to mix a Cocktail drink!

Remember when Google introduced a hangout option to contact businesses? Well, we thought it couldn’t make anything handier than this! But it turns out, we were wrong! Because earlier today, Google took to Twitter and announced that it has released its latest search feature letting users know, “Because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere: Cocktail recipes now served on Google Search.”

So next time when you want to mix a drink be it a martini or a mimosa drink, just look up on how to make them! As soon as you click the search button, the card appears at the top of your search results which gives you instructions on how to mix a drink with the needed ingredients. These cards are sourced from Google’s Knowledge Graph project and the information is taken from trusted sources like Wikipedia.

The cards are available on both desktops and your mobiles and well, you could look them up by voice search too! This feature will come off as a real convenient one for mobile users as most of them just want the answer instead of browsing through different websites. However, you may not find the complete details regarding the recipe for drinks other than standard cocktails as the cards do not tell you about the measurements of each ingredient or give you specific instructions on how to mix.

Until now, Google’s Knowledge Graph cards provided information only on famous people, geography, animals, science, movies and things like that. But now, it includes the way to mix our favorite drinks too!

Via: Phandroid