Google Play Store has some new Animations on Android 5.1 update

Google Play Store

So Google has been constantly fussing over the Play Store since the past couple of months — implementing changes, rolling out updates and so on — and we expected some of these for Google’s newest lollipop update Android 5.1 as well which came out just yesterday. While the Play store on Google’s latest Android update is still completely recognizable, it seems some animations have newly arrived on the scenes. Take a look at the video above.


If you watch the video carefully, you will notice that unlike on the Android 5.0 versions — where an the icon simply snapped to the front — clicking an icon makes it kind of perform a slo-mo as it floats to its position on the app detail screen. Well, while not particularly useful, the animations do add to the overall flavor of the Play Store.

Apparently, not everyone with the Android 5.1 update has this animation on their Play Stores yet — maybe because of the slow Play Store app roll out — so if you do for some mysterious reason feel that this animation is a must-have for you smartphone, you can manually update the Play Store to Version 5.3.5.

Source: Reddit

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