Google Play Store APK v7.4.02 for Android Wear available for download

A new version of the Google Play Store APK is rolling out starting today, as version 7.4.02. This comes as an upgrade over the Play Store version 7.3.07, which was released barely two weeks ago.

This is an Android wear specific Play Store update. We’re yet to see what changes the Google Play APK 7.4.02 brings, but given the numerical upgrade, it looks like quite a big change.

Warning: It’s not recommended to install the Play Store version 7.4.02 on any Android phones and tablets, or any other device than running Android Wear. This is compatible with smartwatches only.

Grab the latest Google Play Store app from below.

Download Google Play Store App APK v7.4.02

Once again, as this is only Android Wear compatible, do not to install it on your Android phone and tablet. If you do, you will get force close errors, repeatedly, and may have to install a firmware to fix this.

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