[Download] Google Play APK [11.2.14, 11.1.30, 11.1.15, and more]

Play Store APK download

Download the APK of latest Google Play app from this page.

Google keeps releasing a new version of the Play Store APK every now and then. These days we’re seeing the search engine giant bring updates of the Play Store app faster than ever.

We’ve provided a list of latest versions of the Google Play app, along with a link to their APK files so that you could download them right away. Once you have the APK downloaded, install it easily using any file manager app. Simply clicking on the downloaded file would begin the installation, but you may have to enable the ‘Unknown sources’ installation in the Settings first.

In the recent updates, Google has introduced a lot of new features. We’re liking the new card widget at the top of the search results which lets you install the app directly from there. Google has experimented with the screenshots appearance in that widget too, but it looks settled now that you won’t get to see screenshots there, which is a better decision in our books.

Google has announced the Google Play Instant feature now, that lets you play apps and games without even installing them on your device.

In case you spot a new feature in Google Play, sure tell us via the comments section below, or through our contact us page at the bottom.

Download Google Play APK

Date Play Store Version APK Download Link
08 August 2018 11.2.14 Download
08 August 2018 11.1.30 Download
04 August 2018 11.1.15 Download
31 July 2018 11.0.20 Download
28 July 2018 10.8.50 Download
24 July 2018 10.8.33 Download
14 July 2018 10.8.23 Download
11 July 2018 10.8.21 Download
01 July 2018 10.7.18 Download
20 June 2018 10.7.17 Download
20 June 2018 10.6.08 Download
20 June 2018 10.5.33 Download
13 June 2018 10.5.10 Download
07 June 2018 10.4.13 Download
07 June 2018 10.3.31 Download
01 June 2018 10.3.12 Download
26 May 2018 10.3.11 Download
26 May 2018 10.2.06 Download
23 May 2018 10.2.05 Download
23 May 2018 10.1.30 Download
17 May 2018 10.1.08 Download
16 May 2018 10.0.32 Download
15 May 2018 10.0.07 Download
02 May 2018 9.9.21 Download
27 April 2018 9.8.07 Download
11 April 2018 9.6.11 Download
04 April 2018 9.5.09 Download
29 March 2018 9.4.18 Download
29 March 2018 9.3.30 Download
21 March 2018 9.3.14 Download
21 March 2018 9.2.32 Download
14 March 2018 9.2.11 Download
14 March 2018 9.1.30 Download
07 March 2018 9.1.24 Download
02 March 2018 9.1.23 Download
27 February 2018 9.0.15 Download
24 February 2018 8.9.30 Download
10 February 2018 8.9.24 Download
08 February 2018 8.9.23 Download
07 February 2018 8.8.12 Download
27 January 2018 8.7.50 Download
17 January 2018 8.7.10 Download
12 January 2018 8.7.09 Download
12 January 2018 8.6.25 Download
05 January 2018 8.6.22 Download
05 January 2018 8.5.46 Download
22 November 2017 8.4.40 Download
02 November 2017 8.3.75 Download

If you need help installing Google Play APK file, look at our guide on how to install Android APK files.

Do let us know if you need any help with Play Store app.

Latest features in Play Store

Update [April 09, 2018]: The Play Store team is rolling out a very exciting feature under the ‘My apps & games’ section. On that screen, you will now see the changelog of every app under a drop-down. Yep, we love it. And we also think it will be pretty useful for both the regular as well as Pro users, especially the latter. To find it, fire up the Play Store app, then slide from left edge to rightwards, tap on My apps & games, and there you have it. Here is how it looks.


Update [April 04, 2018]: New Play Store UI has been spotted, one that changes the app listing screen a lot. You now get a bigger, almost display-width, sized Install button, while there is a new presentation style for the ratings and reviews widget, app size, content rating, and finally, no. of downloads (summarized).

It’s cool. Check out the screenshots below.


There’s one more change: a new interface for the ‘developer contact’ info, which is now hidden by default, under a drop-down. This is also a good one. Besides that, Google has removed the app’s video from the top, to put it with other screenshots. So, right at the top, you don’t see the video now, but just the app’s icon, name, its category, and badges like Editor’s Choice, ranking in top sections, etc.

We don’t think it has got anything to do with the latest Play Store APK, v9.5.09, but yes, installing one of the latest versions of the apps help a lot in getting to see the newer UI interfaces Google keeps testing on the Play Store.

Update [March 21, 2018]: Google has released a new epic feature on the Play Store now. Dubbed as Google Play Instant, you can now try the compatible apps and games without having to first download them. You can check for the new Games available under the ‘Google Play Instant’ under the Arcade section of the Play Games app. Check it out in the video below.

Do let us know if you spot a new feature in your Play Store app.

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