Google Play Music gets new interface for music streaming on Chromecast

Google Play Music

Google Play Music seems to have received a new interface for streaming music via Chromecast. A Reddit user has revealed the same on a new thread.

While some of the users complained about the company’s departure from the materialistic design, some others opined that the company is trying to keep the design “consistent” with its other streaming platforms like YouTube’s.

That said, it’s too early to comment on how users are accepting these new changes made to the interface. What do you think about the new design? Do drop a comment below and let us know.

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In other news, a new Google Pixel XL 2017’s image has surfaced online showing off the handset’s 6-inch AMOLED display with 2:1 aspect ratio and minimal bezels.

Apparently, the display will be manufactured by LG. And, there won’t be a dual camera setup on the back which has become a norm of sorts of late.

For those who are wondering, the fingerprint scanner seems to be on the back itself like seen on its predecessors. Get to know more about it here.

Source: Reddit

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  • Rocco Gismondi

    Google Play Music is the most annoying of all streaming music. If you wont pay, they have the most depressing non-profit ads in between almost every song, that you want to throw your phone or you tablet across the room. Music is uplifting and enjoyable. This ridiculous approach is offensive, stupid, and the dumbest move I have seen Google advertising make yet. I switched from Pandora to Google because I use Google for almost everything. Google has just driven me hard and fast, right back to Pandora. It has been trying to upsell and annoy me for a few weeks now. It certainly backfired. I imagine whatever idiot thought this advertising approach would help the upsell, will be fired by next quarter, as the mass exodus ensues.

    • Rocco Gismondi

      I would rather have toothpaste ads or a trip to the dentist. Really dumb!

  • Matthew

    They got rid of the design! I really enjoyed the new design.

  • Craig Crossley

    New google interface on my Sony Bravia TV is so disappointing! There is NO BROWSE option! You cannot search similar artists – that whole discovery element was so cool. Terrible decision. You cannot search genres, you cannot add any more radio stations to the ones that were added on the previous format. Massive disappointment!

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