Google Play Music expands free personal cloud storage to 50,000 songs

Google has some good news for the music lovers. The company has just announced that it is expanding the limit of song storage on Play Music from 20,000 songs to 50,000 songs.

The new limit is more than double and is a permanent, free upgrade. The extra storage is immediately available if you’re already hosting your music collection in Google’s cloud. And for new users, the offer is available right away without any charges or subscriptions.

Google Play’s locker service allows you to store thousands of songs online and stream them from the web, as well as your favorite Android and iOS devices. By storing them in the Cloud, you can quickly access them across any device and prevent them from clogging your onboard storage.

The extra limit might be appealing if you have a long list of EPS, remixes and B-sides that aren’t supported by other major streaming services.

via: phandroid