Google Play Music All Access now available in India for Rs. 89 a month

Google has now officially launched the Play Music All Access subscription service in India. If you’ve been waiting to subscribe and listen to millions of songs on Google Play Music, now you can.

The subscription service in India will cost you Rs. 89 per month, which is cheaper than the competition. If you subscribe before May 18th, you’ll get 30 days of free trial. The All Access service includes millions of tracks from artists all over the world, as well as music from Bollywood movies and artists.

Once you subscribe, you can listen and even download music on your Android device as well as PC. The service also provides recommendations and makes it easier to discover new music that you may like. It also includes curated playlists for when you’re lazy to search.

You can try out the Google Play Music All Access service right away by signing up below. Remember, it’s free only for 30 days and after that you will be charged Rs. 89 a month.

Subscribe to Play Music All Acess

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