Google Plans to Test Self-Driving Cars on Crowded Highways of Virginia

google self driving car

Google will start with the testing of the autonomous or self-driving car tech and it will happen on the highways of Virginia, claims a new report. The testing is believed to take place on over 70 miles of the congested Northern Virginia highways adjacent to the Dulles International Airport.

Virginia will soon be joined by other states including Michigan, California, Washington D.C, Florida and Nevada. These states let testing of computer driven vehicles and will make it easier than the rest for the makers to test such vehicles.


The congested Northern Virginia highways is claimed to provide the sternest test for the autonomous tech developed by Google. This will prove how good these self-driving cars will perform on busy streets. A challenge faced by the autonomous vehicle makers including Google is the ability to adjust the frequently updating information such as construction, incidents and traffic jams.

Myra Blanco, the Director of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s Center for Automated Vehicle Systems claimed that she expects the self-driving cars to have a great impact on the everyday life and offer solutions to problems such as mobility for the disabled or senior citizens and assisting drivers in dangerous situations.

One of the Project Leads from Google expects the self-driving cars to be made available in five years. Google said the same in the year 2012.

Source: Richmond Times Dispatch, Via: Android Central