Google Pixel (XL) update: January 2019 security patches now available

For the latest software update news for the first-gen Google Pixel and Pixel XL, you have come to the right place. This page brings you a summary of the monthly security updates these two receive alongside any other interesting software update news, both official and unofficial updates.

Google Pixel (XL) software update timeline

Note: Both Pixel and Pixel XL receive the same software update version

Date Software version Changelog
07 Jan 2019 PQ1A.190105.004 | Android 9.0 January 2019 security patch
03 Dec 2018 PQ1A.181205.002.A1 | Android 9.0 December 2018 security patch
05 Nov 2018 PPR2.181005.003.A1 | Android 9.0 November 2018 security patch
01 Oct 2018 PPR2.181005.003 | Android 9.0 October 2018 security patch
05 Sep 2018 PPR2.180905.006.A1 | Android 9.0 September 2018 security patch
03 July 2018 OPM4.171019.021.P1 | Android 8.1 July 2018 security patch

Google Pixel (XL) Android Q update

  • Not eligible for Android Q
  • Custom ROMs expected

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL came preinstalled with Android 7.0 Nougat and are currently running Android 9 Pie, their second and last major OS upgrades. If you are wondering, the two are not part of the extended Android OS software support period of 3 years that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 get, thus, you won’t see an official update to Android Q on your 2016 Pixel or Pixel XL.


With the Pixels among the preferred devices in the developer community, expect plenty of custom ROMs based on Android Q to be released beginning in the second half of 2019 onwards. We will bring you updates about these ROMs when we get them.

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