Google Pixel 3 XL update: January 2019 security patch available for download, includes video sound quality fix

What makes the Google Pixels such popular devices among the Android faithful is being the first in line to receive the latest software updates. On this page, we bring you a collection of all Pixel 3 XL software updates as provided by Google and Verizon Wireless, the only telco carrying the phone.


Pixel 3 XL software update timeline

Date Software version Changelog
07 Jan 2019 PQ1A.190105.004 | Android 9.0 January 2019 security patch and improvements to audio quality when recording videos
03 Dec 2018 PQ1A.181205.006 | Android 9.0 December 2018 security update
18 Oct 2018 PD1A.180720.031 | Android 9.0 System enhancements and performance improvements

Google Pixel 3 XL Android Q update

  • Developer preview expected in Q1 2019
  • Public beta to be announced at I/O 2019

After launch, Google updated its support page revealing the period of software support for its latest flagships, noting that the Pixel 3 XL will receive Android OS and security updates for three years – a period ending October 2021. This means the phone, alongside the maller Pixel 3, will receive Android OS updates to Android Q, Android R and Android S.

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It’s great news to see Google has renewed its commitment to updates, especially since other Android smartphone vendors are so slow in updating their devices. Hello there, Samsung.

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