Google Now brings the drop in Flight charges right on your device with the new Flight Price Monitor Card

Google Now has been amazing us since its launch with its ability to provide pieces of information corresponding to our search history and interests. Google calls this way of bringing information to you as Cards which provide pieces of information based on your interest. The Google cards are snippets of information that pops on your Google Now app providing the information you find useful. The Flight Price Monitor Card is the latest Card that Google uses to provide the flight charge drops right on your device.

First spotted by the folks at Androidpolice,¬†this new Google Card provides information of Flights based on your search history and third party apps history. If you have configured your Google Now properly, then you should also receive similar cards based on your search history. As of now, it seems that Google is only using your search history from the Google Flights service and not from the third-party apps. So if you’re using the Google Flights service to monitor the flight charges regularly, you might receive this awesome looking card on your device.

Unlike the other Google cards like the Weather cards, events cards etc… which have settings to configure the cards on Google Now, the Flight Monitor card doesn’t seem to have any such things as of now. The best probably guess that Google makes a note of your searches at Google Flights and pops a card with the information that would be useful to you. The card give you the latest price of the flight ticket and the amount dropped from the previous amount which gives a fair idea of the flight charge pattern. So whenever there is a change in the flight charges, you’ll get a pop up card on your device regarding the same.

You can view the information on Google Flights by just tapping on the card. The card also lets you choose whether or not to receive the alerts which gives user a choice to decide whether he still require a particular flight charge details. As of now, the Flight monitor card packs minimal features but we guess Google will make its move on a large scale once this initiative gains the popularity among the Android users.

So if you want to search for flights, do it on Google Flights which will give automated updates of the flight charges right on your device with the great looking Google Flight Monitor Cards.

Via Androidpolice