Google likely acquires Agawi to let users stream apps before downloading


Though downloading applications directly to the mobile devices has become a routine for the smartphone users, the situation might change soon.

As per a recent report, Google has secretly acquired a startup firm called Agawi that has created some technologies that will let users to stream mobile applications and games from the cloud to mobile devices.

Agawi is the acronym for “any game, anywhere, instantly”. It has partnered with several companies before it was acquired by Google. The acquisition is reported only now, but another report claims that Agawi is not only closed down from being a live business, but also three former employees of the firm mentioned that they are working at Google on their LinkedIn pages.


It is stated that this acquisition is Google’s giant leap in moving the users away from downloading applications natively and bringing them to the web sphere for their entertainment purposes. This makes sense as Google makes its revenue only the web.

Also, Google can make use of these technologies to implement a “try before you buy” system with the applications that will let users test the apps from the cloud before they download them to their mobile devices. This will help developers make more profit.

As of now, the details regarding this likely acquisition are scarce. However, it makes sense as to why Google would invest in such a firm.

We will have to wait to know about the Agawi’s technology as it rolls out to the devices. Though this rumor is not confirmed, it seems to be interesting.

Source: The Information, Via: TechCrunch