Google Keyboard v4.1 Lets You Sync Your Dictionary Across Devices, Removes Some Features

google keyboard

The latest update to the official Google Keyboard app has hit the Play Store. The update brings a list of new features that are useful, but it removes a few that you will definitely not miss.

Well, the Google Keyboard v4.1 adds the ability to sync your personal dictionary with the associated Google account. This way, you can share the dictionary across devices. All you need to do is select Google Keyboard Sync from the Accounts & Privacy setting followed by the Google account that you like to sync it to.


There is a new privacy setting that lets you delete the cloud data or choose to go out of Google’s statistics when you need. Also, you can access the complete list of emoji by pushing the alt key and this will be a great inclusion if you prefer typing on physical keyboards.

When it comes to the features that Google has removed from the Google Keyboard app, there is no support to swipe entire phrases by sliding your finger down to the space bar. Another feature is that you will not be able to select auto-correction aggressiveness that is replaced by a single toggle that will enable it.

Also, you will not see the split keyboard for tablets that was announced even in Android M. You can update the Google Keyboard 4.1 by heading on to the Play Store.