Google intros Android Security Rewards, get paid to find and fix issues in Nexus devices and Android ecosystem


Google has come up with a new program called Android Security Rewards. Under this program, the firm will pay people to find and fix the flaws or vulnerabilities in its systems. This is common in the industry as it motivates people to think from various backgrounds and come up with contrasting ideas that cannot be got from the employees.

Google is in a need for such an approach as its products are in the hands of billions of people and they are serving significant roles. Hence, it is important for Google to ensure that the information handled by these services and products are safe.

In the past five years, Google claims to have paid more than 1.5 million dollars to those people who have found vulnerabilities in Chrome browser and other products via this Security Rewards program. Now, this program has been expanded to cover the Android operating system.


The security researchers can make a lot of money by finding and fixing security glitches in the Nexus devices that are sold via the Play Store. Google will provide larger rewards to those who eradicate the issues by providing patches and improving the overall Android ecosystem.

The largest reward will be given to those who manage to get the security features of Android such as app sandboxing, NX and ASLR rectified. Google will continue to reward people with payments for contributions to the Android ecosystem via its Patch Rewards program and sponsor the mobile pwn2own and other competitions that will strengthen Android.

Source: Google Online Security Blog