Google introduces Store for devices, announces new Chromebook Pixel in the US

Google has been constantly making waves since the past few weeks, improving thing, rolling out updates that kind of stuff. But guess what? The software giant just made a splash when it announced it’s very own “Google Store” — A place where you can find all things Google-made along with a spanking new Chromebook Pixel.

Now, we don’t want you confusing it with the Google Play. Our beloved play store — which until recently was the one place to buy Google’s Gadgetry — is still around, however all the sales and information related to Google made hardware has been shifted to the brand new Store. That includes the Nexus series, the Chromebooks, Android wear and so on. Google has cited the fact that more and more devices have been added to the play store in the recent years as the main reason behind this sudden shift as well as the desire to “make it easier for consumers to learn more about them”.

Users who have recently purchased anything from the Play Store will find that their order info has been moved to the store. Also, the Play credit can not be used on the new store similar to how they could not be used to purchase devices using the credit in the past.


Moving to Google’s newest device, the Chromebook Pixel is basically a graded up version of the original Chromebook Pixel and we must say that the new technology included in the new Chromebook is pretty cool. Google has kept everything from the last Chromebook while improving upon its drawbacks — the battery life for example, which now extends upto 12 hours with a turbo charging option giving you a 2 hour life with just 15 minutes of charge.

Also, you now have a brand new wide angle camera along with an Intel Core i5 processor. There is 8 GB of RAM along with a 32 GB SSD. As expected from a device with a “Pixel” in its name, the display is great featuring a resolution of 239ppi (2560×1700) with Intel HD graphics. The newest Chromebook has also followed the Macbook in incorporating two USB Type-C ports into its latest. For those who are unfamiliar, the USB type-C ports can be used for high speed data transfer.


Along with the standard version which is priced at $999 a higher powered “LS” variant of the Chromebook is available at the cost of $1299 — featuring Intel Core i7 processor with 16GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD. Funnily enough, the “LS” here stands for “Ludicrous Speed”. Alright Google, we get your point, the LS Chromebook is very fast.

The Chromebook Pixel is currently available in the US via  Google’s online store with plans for introducing it in UK in about a month.

The new Google Store

Source: Google