Google Implements “Kill Switch” feature in the next version of Android

Android Operating system provides flexibility to customize the looks, functionality and also allows to modify the kernel level activities of a device. This flexibility is a kind of boon for the developers to unleash the true power of the device by changing the functionality of the device to offer more power for the operations in the form of Custom Roms, Custom Kernels, mods and many more goodies. However this flexibility also brought upon another severe problem – increased security threats.

With the customization power of Android, the Smartphones stolen are flashed with stock firmwares and kernels to revert it back to original. This increased the theft rate of the Android devices as the devices can be completely modifiable and can be sold to other parties without any future obligations. Apple’s Iphone used to face the similar threat, but thanks to the Kill Switch feature implemented in the Iphone in the previous year, the theft percentage is tremendously decreasing.

Bearing this in mind, Google and Microsoft are taking steps to provide this feature in their respective Operating systems. This offers the Factory reset proof to the device, so it is highly unlikely to factory reset the device once it is stolen. After the huge success of kill switch feature in the Iphone, many States of America made it necessary to implement Kill Switch feature in the future devices from the company.

The Kill Switch feature is expected to be implemented in the next major version of the Android which should be later in this year. Google stuck us with surprise with the sudden update of Android 4.4.3 on some of the Nexus devices yesterday. So it’s the third KitKat update so far from the Google, and it is highly unlikely that Google will continue to release anymore KitKat update. And with the Google I/O conference coming around, we’re hoping for the next Android version which may be the Android 5.0.

So Google is very keen to make the next Android Version a blast by providing more security to the Android smartphones thus attracting more customers from the market. Hope everything goes well and we will soon see the Android 5.0 and the Kill Switch for the next major update.

Via Phandroid

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