Google Home app receives major update that also changes UI big time

google home app update

Google has released a new update to the Google Home app, which is available for download from the Play Store. The search giant published a blog post detailing the new features of the update.

The new Google Home app is completely redesigned and is much more easier to use than before. The update will give users a much more refined control over all Home products. The most important buttons have been moved to the bottom of the app, making it easy to reach.

Users also get a more powerful search with the update, allowing them to easily find new movies, shows, and music. The search works across streaming services such as Netflix and HBO. Overall, the app is more smarter and will definitely make you want to use it more.

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You can search using any criteria and the app will give you the best results possible. The app can now cast trailers to a connected Android TV or Chromecast. For other connected devices such as Google Home, you now have the ability to finely tune sound settings.

Google recently announced some new Home hardware, including a new HiFi Google Home Max smart speaker. This update is most likely tailored with that in mind. You can download the latest update from the Play Store, in case you haven’t turned on automatic app updates.

Download Google Home app from Play Store

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