Google gets into battery buisness, may announce something new soon

We are all familiar with the way portable devices have evolved through the ages — from heavy, bulky things that could do no more than dial a number, we have come a long way to the sleek and beautiful things that can do a whole plethora of things and that can be hand-held or even worn. This process took years, with people working continuously at improving every facet of the device.

However, the one really important feature that hasn’t seen as much improvement as it should have, is the battery life. Despite round the clock efforts by manufacturers such as Apple, Tesla etc. we are still pretty much where we started — well it’s not quite that bad, but still compared to the leaps and bounds with which development took place in all other departments for handheld devices, the pace is terribly slow.


Apparently, Google has finally set out to correct this error. Led by Dr. Ramesh Bharadwaj — who formerly worked for Apple — a 4 member team inside the highly secretive sounding Google X laboratory is working even as we speak in a bid to improve upon the life span of batteries — or so said a report in the Wall Street journal.

The team which started by testing batteries made by other manufacturers with Google tech has since undergone a thought shift and is now trying to manufacture a more google-y battery so to speak. The team is supposedly working to improve the current lithium-ion technology and manufacture better, longer lasting solid-state batteries.


We assume that this research by Google X is aimed at all the devices Google has been either pushing out or has planned for the near future such as the Nexus series, Smartwatches, the famous Google glasses and so on.

While we have no idea as to how far the research has proceeded — if at all — or if it even exists — No one related to the said project was available for comment — it’s quite probable that Google has been quietly working on this project somewhere since almost all its products are battery run and considering that the report came out now, an announcement from Google regarding new developments in the field shouldn’t be terribly surprising.

That’s all the news we had on the topic for now folks. Stay connected as we keep you updated on all things Android.

Source: Wall Street Journal