Google develops Im2Calories to count calories on your plate

google im2calories

It appears like Google wants to help you estimate the calories on your Instagram brunch photos. The firm has introduced a new project called Im2Calories that is an algorithm that will analyze the photos of food stuff and calculate the calories contained in them.

This program is capable of analyzing a photo of burger with fries or bacon with eggs and it estimates the calories in them. Regarding this, Kevin Murphy, Research Scientists at Google claims that the firm semi-automates the program. It is stated that if it works 30 percent of the time, it is enough and people can start using it to collect the data. It is stated that the program will get better gradually with time.


Im2Calories is an experimental project that is conducted by Google’s A.I. researchers. Last week, the project was presented at Boston’s Rework Deep Learning Summit. It makes use of visual analysis and patter recognition to find out how many calories a food stuff contains. Basically, the program analyzes the depth of every pixel in an image.

As the project is in the initial stage, it is not too super accurate with the calorie results. It is claimed to help the users potentially to be more conscious about their food habits. Also, doctors and researchers can use this program’s data for their studies. We can expect the Im2Calories program to be integrated into the products of Google in the future.

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