Google Clock app makes its way into the Play Store

google clock

Google is constantly launching its applications into the Play Store. This lets the firm update the applications individually instead of fixing an individual app by means of a software update.

Till date, Google’s Clock application has always been included in the operating system itself. Now, this application is available for all the Android users to download and use on their device.

The Clock app has made its way into the Play Store version 4.0.1. This app has all the features that were present in the official app, expect for a few differences. You will have a great Material Design implementation.


Google’s Clock seems to have gained the Android Wear support to some extent. It is said so as the Google Clock experience on your Android shows you set more alarms, running a smartwatch and add timers.

You can also add your favorite cities as the World Clock pane instead and connect with Android Wear to start getting alarms and snoozes from the smartwatch.

If you like to try out this application via the Google Play Store and see how helpful it is.

  • does it have ‘increase sound from silent’ for the alarm service? cause if not, who gives a hoot.