Google to bring a unified ‘Quantum’ user interface to Android, Web and its iOS apps

Google I/O 2014 is quickly approaching to bring loads of new technologies and updates and the stage is all set to make a lots of noise during June 25-26, 2014. Prior to the event there have been a number of leaks which covers from the new Gmail interface to the much rumored Nexus 8. Many of the previous leaks popped a different Android app designs with matching web counterparts, that definitely raised the question on their validity.

However the latest reports from the folks at Androidpolice has partially removed the confusion on these non-traditional Android app designs that surfaced recently. The report says that Google is planning on rolling a new set of guidelines for the apps on different platforms including Android, IOS and Web applications. It’s about time that Google shed a light on the app design guidelines, the previous guidelines features the most popular Holo UI. The new design rules are coming with the name Quantum Paper, which is a unified UI for multiple platforms.

The Quantum Paper design guidelines are reported to come with the L version of Android that comes after the KitKat. However it is still a myth on the L version Android number, it may bear the version number as 4.4.4 or 4.5 or 5.0, but likely to continue with the Candy trend (Supposedly Lollipop).The Quantum Paper will unify the design framework across all platforms for Google apps, while also revitalizing the third-party Android developers to follow the same.

Earlier this project is rumored to be the project Hera, but that isn’t more likely as Hera is more about bringing a unified Chrome and Search experience to the Android platform. The new design paradigm changes are actually streamlining with the Quantum Paper, through which Google is attempting to give users a consistent fluid user experience across all platforms. The Quantum Paper design is most probably related to Project Polymer which was shown at the Google I/O keynote last year.

Polymer is a library that uses the latest web technologies to let you create custom HTML elements. The Polymer project aims to let developers use a predefined framework that allows you to build highly consistent, responsive and simple yet powerful web apps. The screen shots of the headers from the leaked Gmail app and the scaled Polymer website shows a similar design rule.

nexusae0_Screenshot____-400x56 polymer-header-400x44

Going back to the earlier leaks regarding the revamped Google apps, it now makes sense about the design Paradigm with the Quantum Paper design. The Gmail and calendar leaks shows a fresh UI with modified icon style.

gmail-leak calender-leak

The leaked images show the exposed Hamburger icon and some new set of icons, of which some are already seen in the latest Google apps updates. The design is more delightful and could be the perfect replacement to the Holo UI. However, Quantum Paper is not just about replacing the Holo UI, it’s aiming higher than that. The Quantum Paper will include interface, motion, and interaction on all platforms to provide a consistent user interface.

Google is planning to provide all the necessary guidelines to third-party developers regarding the Quantum Paper design, to make the new interface consistent not just on the Android devices but also on its apps for IOS and web elements. However, it would clearly take some time for the developers to get used to the new design guidelines. So we have to wait until the L version of the Android to see the Quantum Paper design on all the apps.

Via AndroidPolice