Google Assistant to show Ads!

Google has been testing new ways for Google Assistant to answer your queries. They announced the news only a few days ago, also sharing an example of the stock price of Alphabet, the search engine giant’s parent company.

While the talk of new UI and all is all cool, we also learned that the Google Assistant searches might now show you Ads. Yes, ads. Really.

This is what Google said:

When relevant, these results may include the existing ads that you’d see on Search today.

Now, we must admit we’ve been loving the focus on visual and interactive elements in Google Assistant. What we’re not too stoked about is the fact that we’ll be seeing more ads as part of our Assistant experience. That really sucks.

But well, we know Google is a company that thrives on Ads and given their work on Assistant, it’s fair to see them try to earn a bit off it. What do you think?

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