Google Announces YouTube Gaming Service to Compete with Twitch

youtube gaming

Back in the last year, there were reports suggesting that Google purchased Twitch for a deal of $1 billion. This did not happen, but Google seems to have understood the significance of live streaming of games that has the ability to monetize the future of gaming.

Google has come up with a new service called YouTube Gaming that is its challenger to Twitch. With this new service, you can get dedicated pages of your favorite games from a collection of over 25,000. From these, you can find the best videos that are related to those games.

There will be live streams of your favorite games that are played by your favorite gamers, recommendations based on these favorites and notifications of when those will happen. Google is also prepping an improved live experience that will make it simple to broadcast your gameplay to YouTube.

YouTube Gaming will be launched this summer on the web, iOS and Android. One can access the same by clicking on this link and signing up to be notified about the launch of the service.

Via:  YouTube, Twitter