Google announces Developer preview of Gmail add-ons for G Suite

Google has introduced some new features to Gmail for G Suite users. If you’re an enterprise user, you will soon be able to get add-ons for Gmail. These Add-ons would make life easier, the professional life that is.

Starting today, app developers can write add-ons for Gmail, which would allow G Suite users to access it on Gmail. The add-on will work on all platforms, including web, and mobile. We are not sure if the feature will make its way on to regular Gmail, but we sure hope it does.

Basically, these add-ons would enable custom workflows in Gmail and are based on the contentsĀ of an email. For example, if an email contains a request to create an invoice, you can simply use a Gmail-add on for creating invoices to quickly make it within Gmail. No need to open a new tab, or launch Google Sheets, etc.

Companies likeĀ Intuit, Salesforce, and ProsperWorks have already created their Add-ons for Gmail. And more would be available once the feature goes live for G Suite users later this year. The Add-ons can be purchased from the G Suite Marketplace.

As of now, Google has given the power for developers to create these Gmail Add-ons. If you’re a developer and would like create an Add-on for your app, you will need to sign up for the developer preview.

via G Suite Blog

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