Google Announces App Invites for Developers to Encourage App Sharing

app invites launch

At the Google I/O 2015 conference, Google announced the App Invites that is aimed to help the mobile app developers to increase their app’s user base. The developers can advertise their apps directly to the users and give users rewards for installing their applications.

App Invites can recommend a user’s cloest contacts with suggestions that are based on interactions between the user and their contacts on Google apps such as Hangouts and Gmail.

Basically, developers can give their users a prompt to share their application with others who are in their Google Contacts registry. Right now, these invitations can be sent via email or SMS. This will send a deep link to the Google Play Store and there will be a promotional bonus for the new users, provided the developer activates the same.


Developers can estimate the effectiveness of their app invites via Google Analytics custom reports. There are several report charts available in an online dashboard. As of now, this App Invites feature is in the beta stage and it has not clear on who has the access to it. Even after the announcement, the blog post and the page on are vague.

Google is expected to send out the invites to specific developers or simply enable this App Invites feature in the developer console in the coming weeks. Users need to update to the Google Play Services 7.5 to share applications with their contacts through this new system.

Source: Google Developers, Android Developers Blog