Andromeda could release next year as Google speeds up integration [Rumor]

Andromeda is future, that’s what we’re to believe right now, as Google looks to merge Chrome and Android OS together for making of one great solid platform. Now, a trusted source is revealing that Google has sped up the work on the Andromeda project, which is expected to release next year in alpha form.

This gains more significance as next year’s Google I/O is already on our list of looking-forward-to events, where we were hoping Google would at least demo the Andromeda. With today’s rumor though, we’d tend to believe that the Andromeda could actually hit a alpha release, with the announcement being made at I/O itself.

Google I/O is also expected to bestow the next iteration of Android upon us, that could be tentatively called Android O. Rumors are naming that to be Android Oeio, but that’s just rumors, the same tidbits that thought Nutella is a given for Android N, which turned out to Nougat (ah, we love you, Nougat!).

What are your thoughts on the Andromeda?

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